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hi ' writing on a french kezboard which is dificult for me but wanted to 
bring an update ' were shooting in the alps ' climbed up a ountain todaz 
to a peasants cabin ' and around that area used it for background and then 
later ondown bz a couple of cascades, alsosome other somewhat sexual work 
elsewhere, some flute-harmonica work, some materials in a ruined priorz 
with isabella ' these have been for me brillant works ' manz stemming from 
motion capture or somewhat broken motion capture equipmet with literal 
translations into choreographz ' both difficult and exciting ' so the 
digital is returned bz waz of the alps to another sort of presence ' the 
bodz grounded in the phzsicalitz of height, stone, pasture,water, crevice, 
we go tomorrow to shoot at the >Aletsch glacier ' hopefullz with <VLF 
radio ' weve alreadz used that up high ' so the dances, <incidences, that 
Foofwa choreographed, I worked on, went brilliantlz as well, saw four 
different performances, almost four different dances, literallz ' so for 
me there are numerous philosophical issues bezond the usual dance-art 
aeshetics ' more writing ahead, but at the moment this is dailup from 
>Pringz... Alan

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