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turning away from the intermittent:

with azure carter in stride at the brieg castle
i don't know, she's a soliton among quanta
she's a wave among solitons
inspired by string theory, this video has eleven dimensions
or at least eleven parameters some of which might be the same
or some of them might split as well, no limits to splits
azure takes it in stride, she doesn't break stride,
she walks astride, quasar among black holes, she needs
at least ten dimensions to express the life of the castle
or the wall's life or the midnight lights,
she's cracker-jack tensor, her eigenvalues stay close,
determine her trajectory within the eleven parameters

as science determines lit crit, lit crit determines science,
all poetics embody science, science is subset of poetics
humans lead the way from eleven dimensions,
back to them, string theory makes the poem


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