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bugsy molloy - sup you - i have fleas bugsy molloy - nice you - not really
you - you think i'm typing i'm scratching like crazy bugsy molloy - lol
you - that's easy for you to say you - try it with pesky varmints jumping
all over you,darn! bugsy molloy - ill pass you - not really, i caught some
virus my hard drive's messed up and my memory's rammed flat bugsy molloy -
that sucks you - not as bad as microsoft you - lsmft lucky strike means
fine tobacco bugsy molloy - ohh ya bugsy molloy - how long you been
playin?? you - about a year or two now you - but i don't know anything and
the fleas are in the way, maybe try some calomine lotion i don't know
bugsy molloy - ive been playin for like 5 min you - we got you beat by a
factor of ten million or so bugsy molloy - i no colonic drug - hey you - i
dunno either. sometimes i just sit here and wait for stuff to happen and
then i think well i got to start typing or something you - hey bugsy
molloy - yo bugsy molloy - same thing you - yo backwards is oy don't
forget that colonic drug - oy bugsy molloy - ok you - nice suit consu
diplo bugsy molloy - sup diplomat colonic drug - danka you - shoen colonic
drug - still trying to get the hang of it bugsy molloy - me 2 colonic drug
- just found out about this yesterday you - oh, there;s noting bu5t hang
here colonic drug - and i thought i was hip! tells you what i know you -
auf deutsch? sprechst du deutsch? bugsy molloy - i found about it 2 day
colonic drug - no, just high school german, unfortunately colonic drug -
which is why i spelled it wrong you - that's about it at this end you -
takes a while we just go tback from the alps you - not these damn fake
mountains the real alps colonic drug - so this is the help island, i've
gathered bugsy molloy - so were are you guys from you - spend most of my
time here underwater breathing fish and

colonic drug - breathing fish? you - well someone has to you - boo! you -
gets stuck in my throat colonic drug - i would thinl colonic drug - thinsk
you - but my feet spin like a motorboat bugsy molloy - so were is every 1
from colonic drug - ct bugsy molloy - ct????? colonic drug - connecticut
bugsy molloy - ohh colonic drug - us, you? you - like once i had to go to
the doctor cause i couldn't get the bone out and i was bleeding ad
everything i was about ten and so then the docror gave me this fear of
fish so i try to swim away form them bugsy molloy - yep you - us too, darn
fish! bugsy molloy - i hate fish colonic drug - so, what's this "mentor"
thing you - yeah we still have fleas here. (slap! slap!!!!) you - fish
suck, man colonic drug - who's a mentor? colonic drug - yeahl fish suck
bugsy molloy - i hear you you - i dunno, sometimes i think it's some kind
of deodorant you - i mean for underarms and stuff you - keeps the fleas
away colonic drug - makes sense bugsy molloy - really you - honest to god
it's what happens when you grow up in dallas colonic drug - i feel for you
colonic drug - been there colonic drug - i'm gonna go investigate more -
get my wings you know? bugsy molloy - sweet i went there for a vacation
you - it's good you can feel soething here? you - dallas? where'd you go?
you - was down in lower greenville colonic drug - later, guys you - 85934
-dds1 - bugsy molloy - just to the air port 2 get on a nother plane you -
i've been on those mother planes myself you - they like take you places
but they don't really you - you just sit there on the tarmac waiting for
something to happen bugsy molloy - exacty you - we're gonne fly now
somewhere r othr bugsy molloy - i feel like super man!

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