The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 11, 2006

razz /*
no, guys and gals, cats and kittens, not the sick schtick but the flute
beaut, coupla chicks and cats, coupla babes and bobs, high trippin gin
slippin pill poppin snow hoppin dudes with ludes, take a hessian session
up the road and down the code, listen to the tail wail, the head bed,
shuttup she said in the hard charred burned locomotive dawn & while
furious & while delirious & while theyre outta room & the big one falls,
these hepcats are havin fun starin at the sun, countin up to one, mountin
the hun. th fountain that run up that purple hilltop majesty, down from
sea to shinin sea, they gonna do it, the way she blew it, that cat she
knew it, wham bam thank you mam heh
those cats can blow now cant they

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