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November 16, 2006

kill the freak

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CNN's Beck to first-ever Muslim congressman: "[W]hat I feel like
saying is, 'Sir, prove to me that you are not working with our
enemies' "
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I woke up this morning covered in blood. I fell down the stairs and a 
sharp shard of bone cut into my abdomen. A severe stroke has incapacitated 
my right side. Alzheimer's lesions have almost literally cauterized my 
memory; I hardly recognize Azure. The odd pulsing in my abdomen stems from 
a hard lump which appears to be growing. When I try to stand my legs 
collapse under me. My stools are bloody. I've been so dizzy I can hardly 
walk across the room. I'm constantly sweating under the bed-clothes. I 
tried to call Azure but could hardly speak. I fell on the floor and lost 
consciousness and died. The whole bathroom is covered with blood. There 
are spots in front of my eyes everywhere. I can't see anymore. Help me up. 
My arms are tingling. My brain is swelling; the pain is horrible. My heart 
is beating so fast it's bursting. I can't breath. I'm gasping for breath. 
I'm about to go unconscious. I'm too dizzy to stand up. My heart's stopped 
beating. It's permanent. I'm dead. There's an unbelievable pain in my 
lower abdomen. My stomach's in knots. I'm falling over. I'm crawling to 
the door. I die before I reach the door. There's a white light but the 
light fades. The pain is too great. I can't think about anything. I call 
Azure's name. I think I called it. I can't remember about anything. I 
can't stand up. I can't be here. My chest is torn in two. I can't see 
anything. My ears filled with screams. The screams may be mine. I don't 
want to die. I really don't want to die. The right side of my body is 
gone. I'm bleeding from my mouth. I can't move. I'm dead.

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