The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 22, 2006


curlicue miasma production
it's always there the mechanical movement
of mr. foofwa in the gruyere(s) castle
i forget gruyeres or gruyere just about always
but there's a la gruyere no les gruyeres
so tout gauche les gruyeres!
hurry up!

i'm tired this stands on its own
the world's too full of information

thesis: we're at the _peak_ of information, not an upward slope.
after this: deterioration, gangs, spam, hacks, starvations, local wars,
infrastructure collapse...
the cusp is _now._
statistically, this has to be the case: how many are alive now, in relation to 
the carrying-capacity of the earth, population increase, desertification.

foofwa d'i and isabel(l)(e) tear at the ruins

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