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November 23, 2006

the Foofwa march les Alpes continues.
jump over the Jura!
so tired the body stutters

"in the quest for perfection of the parasite
"the avatar stumbles and mumbles

"yes, there were more of them
"they bred like flies
... the invigorating air of the Alpes
... transformation into a machine

"Hannibal returned and there was a lot more
he was going to do
later Hannibal had to poison himself because he couldn't do everything

please look at my blog thank you

yes, yes, i can see the future, you can't
it's there in the overturned garden, in formless vines, twisted
churn, or tarn, only static on the radio, spiders' nets
spanning, wire to pipe, pipe to wire, nothing flows
in hours, one through eight, one through seven
welkin, glimmer, gather, wind, tain
spanning unstation, unplace, settlings and shifting
more of them, grey and green, edged, lessened, unfixed

please look at my blog thank you

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