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November 25, 2006

parapet and enlightenment

2006-12 Danced on the parapet full speed ahead as electronic figurines
2006-07 Worked on the paean for JJ Rousseau, emphasizing rational human-

1956-60 I cried myself to sleep, etc. I had a small box on the bed table;
1960 Barely made it to the senior prom with Cheri Kanjorski (sp?) who I
1960 I just about flunked my first semester at Brown, collapsing until I
1960 I volunteered for secret army tests as well - checking out reflex
1960 It was around this period that I had my only "attested" psychic
1960 The depressions continue for the rest of my life. From where? From a
1960 These dates, these beginnings are obscure to me, and always have
1960-1997 Sleeping and waking: insomnia goads me my entire life; there are
1943 I did not ask to be born. There was no atomic, no hydrogen bomb.
1943 There are early screen memories of _being carried_ on a medical
1943-1997 I have had my faults. Less of them now, but nonetheless. I've

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