The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


Motion-capture file from living dancers construed through partially-
operating sensors devolve into recalcitrant choreographies procured for
the practical-inert of the real, subtended by 'the wall,' barrier or
restraint, bounded three-dimensional space, against which such dancers
representing back through choreographies and recalcitrant sensors
rhythmically rebound, repeated shudderings as analogic replaces digital,
electronic mediations and remediations confront the presence of a _grange_
or _building_ located in a _prealpine pasture_ vacated for the summer
season. Medieval and post-modern
commingle in this unnumbered series of neutral-ecstatic positionings which
remain authorless in the midst of author/authority, danceless in the
presence of dancers/dancing, human within the post-human, flesh within
rock, protocol within flesh, flesh within flesh.

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