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December 1, 2006

chant of the doomed dancer
dance the doomed Case of doomed, doomed, a-void. Case of A world chaos,
love, Doomed true a-void. doomed, doomed Doomed Doomed dance chaos, of
Movie of a-void. true Movie Movie love, a-void. dance Saucy 1936. Doomed
doomed A the 1936. Apr Case doomed true Apr doomed Saucy of of Movie dance
The the love, Doomed doomed twelve-dancing-princesses Tales Case of 1936.
doomed dance Dancer, Case Movie doomed o 1936. the Dancer, dance dancer
doomed Movie Doomed 1936. dancer Isadora doomed Saucy Tales o A doomed
Movie of A A of Tales The Isadora Ballerina Isadora doomed 1936. o
Ballerina Russian doomed The twelve-dancing-princesses Russian Up A of
dance Duncan, by Up doomed of doomed Up Revolution. Russian doomed doomed
Russian A the Duncan, doomed Duncan, Revolution. dies Swept dancer dancer
by for A Doomed dancer Ballerina dies her by Duncan, Doomed A today dies
Ballerina A by today today Revolution. Doomed Swept her truer her Up
Ballerina dancer truer truer dancer Swept the it ever. it the by her This
ever. for the dancer than dancer truer dancer A is has doomed art; A art;
dancer the ever. for for ever. most done it for is the genuine doomed art;
today has so most truer today This dancing far, has is truer most the
dancing This truer has making the the than doomed so experience far,
dancer This most a a genuine doomed done only has the done has far, had
has so has genuine she in experience most most only the dancing making
most making dancing zone, she so so has in the only so experience zone,
her had making the in career. in a the has doomed She in only a in
recounted doomed has experience the recounted the zone, she had career. of
She in has in of of her had end the escape the end in She escape escape
career. the her narrow doomed of in zone, horror doomed the recounted in
She the dancer. narrow doomed doomed escape Myoptic, wave horror career.
of dancer. and from recounted the doomed Doomed, Myoptic, a recounted
escape Doomed, the doomed horror a Myoptic, in Doomed, escape of doomed in
the dancer. narrow from the is Dancer the escape Disarming, is is
Disarming, from wave the of the dancer. doomed the of story Doomed, wave
and story a is Disarming, Myoptic, Dark doomed a Dancer Disarming, Dancer
a the story Doomed, Doomed, story star dancer Dark Doomed, Dark the doomed
Selma, in in doomed from star the in of doomed the doomed Dark the star
she's doomed of is doomed she's she's the the Selma, the insists the a of
dancer insists insists dancer Selma, dancer small wearing small dancer
doomed the changes wearing from dancer dancer on clothes insists dancer
star and from of start. star start. clothes to wearing from from wearing
performance. rehearsal small from and to she of start. she's from horror
performance. insists she's changes recounted of from and insists
performance. escape recounted changes insists from narrow escape to on of
horror the of clothes changes performance. doomed doomed she of rehearsal
from dancers. escape rehearsal from of A dancers. horror from she wave
dance the performance. performance. from of doomed narrow performance.
narrow doomed from wave horror horror dancers. Geneve of from horror the
from to A narrow escape dance slums Geneve doomed escape dancers. the of
dance from doomed Geneve America. the dancers. the of America. Her from
wave A slums Love, of dance dancers. Geneve Love, Love, to A love Her
Flapping Her love dance of Flapping Flapping slums of to Much is Love,
Geneve from Doomed is Wings America. Geneve of Wings true, Much the the
Flapping but so Doomed slums Love, true, Drop Of America. Her is the but
With America. Flapping the Bomb! is Doomed With but Rejoice! the Flapping
Love, so Rejoice! Dominance true, Much Of Bomb! the Dance, Wings Flapping
Dance! the the Dance! Of so Dominance a Dominance true, is Bomb! a of the
so Drop of dancer the Dance! but and doomed, dancer Dance, Dance! Dance,
dancer dance of the the of doomed, her and the and dance world Human
Rejoice! Rejoice! doomed, doomed, doomed, Theft Rejoice! a world chaos,
doomed, and Theft doomed, a-void. world a the doomed, a-void. a-void.
dance Theft Human chaos, chaos, dancer a the the Human her her doomed,
chaos, doomed, her the the doomed, abyss, doomed, abyss, doomed, doomed,
doomed, abyss, a-void. a-void.


i can't slow up. death is an hysteria. i don't care about your gender. i
send out work as soon as it's done. i make work as soon as i think of it.
i read as fast as i can. i watch news and practice music while i read. i
know if i slow up i'll die. i know there will be a missive or missile here
in this space that will not be sent. i know the missive will be the tag or
curlicue. i know it will be the conjunction of my death. i read the con-
junction as not both life and death. i read the conjunction as neither
life nor death. i eat fast. i never sleep properly. i dream theory and
practice. i hunt on the internet. i shape ride on the internet. i speak
here and do not speak elsewhere. speech is a privilege. i cannot pronounce
other languages in proper order. i cannot pronounce the rudiments of
speech. i breath fast. i get out of breath fast. death promises slowing.
death does not halt. i watch myself as i speak. i watch myself as i
remember. i remember remembering. i remember what i have forgotten. i
watch my brain at work. i remember watching. i know what i forget will be
my last. i know if i forgot i should be reminded to die. i am afraid of
being reminded to die. life is a remission. life is under remission. i
cannot keep up with myself. i watch myself ahead of myself. i am never
behind. i am always ahead. if i am comfortable with speed i am not speed-
ing. i must speed into discomfort. i must be beyond myself. i must be
beyond ahead of myself. i play music fast. i want to get all the music out
before i can no longer play music. i want to get out this absolute music.
i want to theorize as bulwark and therapeutic. i want to theorize before i
can no longer theorize. before i can no longer theorize in complexity. i
guard my theorization. i guard my brain and my speed. if i think of a
sentence i say that sentence. if i think of a poem i write that poem. if i
have an idea i write that idea. if i think of a video i make that video. i
make that video when i think of the video. i edit that video while i make
that video. i am afraid of passing out. i am afraid of dizziness. i speed
through dizziness. if i stop i will die. if i die this thought will not be
finished. i must finish this thought. i have a new thought now.

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