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December 11, 2006

I wanna go

Aletsch Kirke

as AletschKirke far as I'm as concerned, I'm Foofwa d'Imobilite, Alan
Foofwa d'Abyss, d'Imobilite, Aletsch, Alan Sw. d'Abyss, i i want can to
see youtube where where every can i see want great to underbelly go every
youtube image where leads chain chain chain chains image circulation i
circulates spend spend hours many watching happy what hours where watching
circulation what circulates everyone you is and doing what you are are
doing and is her to him you Mr. to Jambon him went having on to retreat
treat at and Retreat retreat having Madame treat Jambon Madame retreat

this won't do crydecor YouTube (being 
processed ready in few minutes)

Mr. Jambon went on retreat at Retreat having to treat and retreat Madame
Nicod maybe clearer

reworked YouTube for this in it version clearer it perhaps clearer Retreat
perhaps for - Retreat on YouTube
reworked Retreat for YouTube in this version it is clearer perhaps

tired has of to being give, alive too something much has walking, give,
I'm too tired much of walking, being dancing, alive singing, harmonica
harmonica playing, playing, perhaps hiking, book book trading, trading,
thinking, thinking, trying trying singing, sleep, sleep, exhaustion,
exhaustion, depression, depression, suicidal suicidal thoughts, thoughts,
poverty, poverty, self hatred, hatred, self-loathing, self-loathing,
trying keep working, working, constant constant poverty, physical pain

pain, in Quel pain, Domage! Quel Wah Wah!

i've never been sick a day in her life

better early than always that traffic light sure needs fixing
better early than never great those guys stopped the fire in time
better late than always that quarterback's arm broke sent him home
better late than never boss gives you a rase what you've got coming
worse early than always you find out there's no god at all
worse early than never that cancer's starting to spread around now
worse late than always your wife leaves cause you forgot her birthday
worse late than never think you have to return that car you stole

clver clever clever

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