The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 16, 2006

What plays in the Imaginary stays in the Imaginary.

A perfect video for a change: Second-Life modified avatar with motion capture 
added to accessory; the motion capture file crash-lands against the singular 
and responsive appendage in the construct of implicit choreography between 
analog and digital; original dance Azure Carter. Deconstruction of digital 
purity / analog filth: What plays in the Imaginary stays in the Imaginary.

Why should you care about this? Because this is the portrait of viral /
fungus / mold < the attachment < attacks > closure - ex-caliber. Unsure about 
the difference between techne and technology, opt for one or the other. yes well a bit clearer.

So yes, there should be an accompanying text. But what could I do? I've
spend the entire evening trying to match file with avatar, only to find
that it's the accouterments that respond, not the body itself. The body
displaces its movements onto the accouterment. Ornament becomes central.
Yes, there's very little beyond ornament. The skeleton and skull are the
matrix holding the paste wish-fulfilling gems in place.

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