The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 22, 2006

proffer-harmonica solos

If every position demarcates an other, it is noise that welcomes the
world. What will the world do with an other? Surely both are bypassed,
welcoming remains, demarcation a ruptured effusive memory.

_Uns_ wird nur das Laermen angeboten. (RMR)
To _us_ only the noise is proffered. (trans. Norton) harmonic minor c harmonic minor c harmonic minor c echo echo echo echo chromatic w noise reduction chromatic w noise reduction

harmonica salt lake city session snow out 29 degrees

_Hier_ ist des Saeglichenit, _hier_ seine Heimat. (RMR)
_Here_ is the time for the Tellable, _here_ is its home. (trans. Spender)

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