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December 29, 2006

mountain wire bird sutra and fourfold holding sutra

female kestrel devouring mouse on high tension cable with mountain
background, mountain and kestrel speak, we've had enough of suffering,
we've had enough of extinctions, ground zero of suffering, zero ground
of extinctions

world-vector held up and down Your Violent love gives earnest to empyrean
with resounding Truth "I have just passed beneath the ancient covered
bridge that leads towards the station. I went there purposely, Beloved, to
be sure of walking where once your feet alit with pleasure and gentle
curiosity. Oh, to think they came my way!" (Rilke, trans. Browner)

now they spoke like this -

"they my wire holding sutra Rilke, came
holding sutra mountain way!"
and kestrel fourfold
wire kestrel kestrel bird sutra on sutra
fourfold on on and
mouse cable kestrel wire
mountain female cable tension holding wire fourfold tension mountain mouse
sutra sutra on background, with female and kestrel mountain and high
holding sutra cable kestrel background, devouring holding on kestrel
speak, cable female devouring background, had kestrel on kestrel cable had
enough mountain mouse high speak, suffering, we've tension on mountain
suffering, suffering, mountain high with enough enough enough mountain
cable speak, enough had kestrel with and had extinctions, suffering,
mountain background, of ground extinctions, we've mountain we've
extinctions, of had kestrel kestrel had suffering, zero of kestrel of of
ground of had had ground of suffering, we've had enough ground extinctions
ground of we've suffering, world-vector ground enough suffering, ground
world-vector world-vector of we've of extinctions and extinctions
extinctions, enough zero and and zero of zero held Your held zero ground
extinctions Violent Your of zero zero down gives and zero suffering, up
earnest love
gives empyrean Your of of Your
with to held of up empyrean resounding love
and and world-vector earnest "

now they spoke like this -

"I with and world-vector Violent Truth have earnest up and with passed
Truth Violent and earnest just passed empyrean down love "I the have gives
Violent with ancient ancient resounding love to beneath bridge passed to
earnest have that bridge "I earnest resounding covered towards the with
with beneath the leads just with just leads I covered "I "I bridge went
the beneath "I the I there that just passed towards Beloved, went ancient
passed bridge purposely, to towards beneath ancient went be purposely,
bridge the the be sure I covered that Beloved, walking to towards bridge
went walking walking there that station. sure your sure station. towards
to your your Beloved, the there once with walking went I of with alit be
went to alit and once purposely, purposely, your gentle pleasure of
Beloved, walking and Oh, feet be sure with to gentle where be your to
think with of where gentle came to your walking with came my and once feet
think Rilke, they alit your curiosity. Rilke, Rilke, curiosity. feet
pleasure my my and with think
to pleasure Rilke, curiosity.
gentle way!" they curiosity. they to to way!" to way!" came came came
way!" and and Rilke, "

now he spoke like this -

two stories


tomorrow-more-yet. kill-die kill-die. ground-belong-you-me. pigeon feel-
no-good wails place-play. about-about house-marry whose-that place-down
place-down. taboo all-time. all-time no-like knife-screw screw-one-time.
screw-one-time make-die dirty-too-much. bone bone. skin count-out come-up
hang-up. long-long boss-boy. hot-work cock i-think. i-think half-half play
whose-that. heart-jesus come-up. back-down-below big-town talk-box talk-
box. look-out-long. long-long-man. not-enough. come-down count-out. fall-
about walk-about down-below shark-man place-play sick-house screw-long
kill. pussy-pussy snake-about good-time wishes long-time. house-sick you-
me house-ghost fool-man boy boss-boy kill nothing long-time little-doctor
fool-man. go-up work-night. ask. greasing. ask short-sweet-lemon ground-
belong-you-me hang-up gold-money tomorrow- more-yet fall-about. not-enough
long-long-man look-out-long come-down... heart-jesus. look-out push-me
make boy. house-sick. think-think day-long mercy-mercy house-ghost. long
round-wind sit-house how's-that how's-that. wails. pass-one-time loose.
come-down. belong how-much nancy bulk-store lose mama knife-screw. cunt.
long-long. long. day-long. work-night hot-work. gold-money. no-can
bulk-store. black-cockatoo loose cunt lose. black-cockatoo. some-kind
get-belly night nancy. know-talk round-wind. marry good-time. ring-belong-
ear. no-like. talk-wind greasing short-sweet-lemon. wild-man sit-house.
play. bottle-water dirty-too-much box greasing.. push-me. pussy-pussy.
look-out. down-below. what's-the-matter box. you-me. know-talk. ring-be-
long-ear skin. some-kind. night. marry. talk-wind. shark-man. get-belly.


ground-belong-you-me work-night. big-town half-half come-down he talk-box 
talk-box. count-out. some-kind get-belly black-cockatoo. black-cockatoo 
no-can loose long. day-long. cunt work-night good-time. all-time no-like 
place-down. make-die screw-one-time know-talk night nancy. no-like. talk- 
wind ask. short-sweet-lemon go-up long-time greasing. about-about wails 
tomorrow-more-yet. place-play. place-down ground-belong-you-me. feel-no- 
good whose-that all-time. screw-one-time. taboo house-marry kill-die cock 
dirty-too-much. place-play long-long-man. fall-about sick-house down-below 
shark-man kill-die. half-half. back-down-below hot-work. night. talk-wind. 
marry. ask heart-jesus come-down. bulk-store come-up. whose-that. i-think. 
skin cunt. mama how-much heart-jesus. come-down... hot-work i-think play 
hang-up. bone. bone long-long count-out look-out-long belong lose. snake- 
about walk-about she good-time kill house-sick long-time. kill. one-time 
you-me house-ghost fool-man look-out-long. little-doctor boss-boy fool- 
man. look-out round-wind. they sit-house. bottle-water greasing.. box 
play. look-out. your not-enough short-sweet-lemon. look wails. not-enough. 
pussy-pussy dirty-too-much pigeon wishes some-kind. box. ring-be-long-ear 
get-belly. you-me. what's-the-matter you knife-screw lose knife-screw. 
loose. round-wind long pass-one-time boss-boy. come-up skin. make day-long 
think-think nothing tomorrow-more-yet wild-man gold-money hang-up gold- 
money. fall-about. house-sick. long-long-man long-long. greasing mercy- 
mercy nancy bulk-store. how's-that. sit-house ring-belong-ear. marry 
shark-man. know-talk. push-me how's-that down-below. house-ghost. screw- 
long push-me. pussy-pussy. boy boy.


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