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December 30, 2006

one this-loose.

feel-no-good pigeon black-cockatoo. some-kind black-cockatoo. cranking-
about fall-about come-down short-sweet-lemon more-better cranking-about
long-long-man. come-down not-enough. count-out. no-like. hungry-more
work-night black-cockatoo tomorrow-more-yet short-sweet-lemon more-better
tomorrow-more-yet how-much sit-house.

nancy. know-talk place-down. marry. talk-wind. all-time night get-belly
short-sweet-lemon. play. wild-man no-know sit-house. all-time. screw-long
glass-look-look. gold-money. work-night taboo taboo all-time. wishes
work-night. go-up ask. work-night. greasing. ask. he bulk-store mary
scissors ladder fool-man. come-down. belong belong come-down... skin.
some-kind. night. loose. back-down-below big-town make lose mercy-mercy
house-ghost. long pigeon feel-no-good black-cockatoo. wishes dirty-too-
much box greasing.. push-me. dirty-too-much. bone ground-belong-you-me.
little-doctor nothing she long-time bone. skin skin glass-look-look.
high-water. work-night go-stand boss-boy. boss-boy. greasing boss-boy kill
boss-boy greasing.. box push-me. sit-house greasing nothing kill-die.
long-time fool-man boy boy pussy-pussy play. no-can your ground-belong-
you-me hang-up talk-wind ring-belong-ear. no-like. come-down cunt. cunt.
finish-time heart-jesus ground-belong-you-me. come-down. glass-look-look.
place-down. know-talk good-time snake-about come-down... house-ghost.
mercy-mercy long house-ghost. pigeon come-down... not-enough. small-papa
i-think. i-think small-papa screw-one-time corner mary ladder
back-down-below big-town talk-box talk-box. look-out-long. cunt gold-money
dirty-too-much. make-die bone dirty-too-much. lose fall-about bottle-water
loose marry round-wind. good-time. marry finish-time run-go corner ladder
half-half. get-belly. long-neck half-half. shark-man. fool-man get-belly.
half-half something-true long-long. long. day-long. get-belly. shark-man.
screw-one-time. fool-man. go-up work-night. ask. greasing. he day-long.
count-out count-out come-up come-up hang-up. hang-up. long-long long-long
marry. shark-man. talk-wind. greasing. corner he mary small-mama
heart-jesus. heart-jesus. look-out look-out push-me high-water. go-stand
nancy. night know-talk nancy. good-time. high-water. some-kind. some-kind.
hungry-more you-me you-me belt belt house-ghost house-ghost fool-man
mission-boy mission-boy one-time place-play. count-out. how-much nancy
how-much nancy bulk-store lose mama hungry-more you-me belt house-ghost
small-mama tomorrow-more-yet. come-up. think-think come-up. i-think.
push-me. look-out. scissors go-up kill-die. know-talk. ring-be-long-ear
what's-the-matter box. down-below. you-me. long-time little-doctor she
fall-about. not-enough long-long-man kill-die play long what's-the-matter
know-talk. box. ring-be-long-ear you-me. long-long-man. long-long-man
fall-about. kill-die not-enough play loose round-wind. marry think-think
day-long think-think whose-that. knife-screw. lose. fool-man. mama mama
knife-screw. knife-screw. lose. lose. mercy-mercy day-long scissors
kill-die. ground-belong-you-me. nothing push-me make count-out talk-wind
more-better about-about house-marry whose-that marry. talk-wind.
long-long-man. not-enough. cranking-about ring-belong-ear. no-like no-like
hot-work. gold-money. taboo all-time. all-time no-like cunt. hot-work.
hot-work hot-work cock cock bone. one-time they they long-time. boy.
house-sick house-sick. boy. short-sweet-lemon. wild-man pass-one-time
half-half. long-neck place-down shark-man place-play place-play go-stand
heart-jesus play small-mama whose-that. tomorrow-more-yet. play. no-know
look-out. down-below. what's-the-matter box. you-me. push-me bulk-store.
no-can black-cockatoo bulk-store. greasing.. pussy-pussy. night. night.
loose. how's-that heart-jesus ring-belong-ear. no-like. something-nothing
kill round-wind something-nothing sit-house round-wind sick-house kill.
screw-long ask kill. run-away ask how's-that. shark-man good-time
long-time. wishes house-sick finish-time run-go run-go greasing boss-boy
kill something-nothing round-wind sick-house screw-long something-true
day-long. long-long. knife-screw long. screw-one-time. your boy
heart-jesus. look-out place-down long-neck shark-man loose round-wind.
small-papa i-think screw-one-time make-die pass-one-time short-sweet-lemon
pussy-pussy no-can bulk-store. black-cockatoo all-time sick-house wails.
how's-that. sing-sing wails. pass-one-time sing-sing i-think. make kill.
ask run-away how's-that. wails. sing-sing make-die screw-one-time
half-half how's-that something-true long-long. long. sit-house how's-that
place-play pussy-pussy. down-below. look-out-long bone. skin come-up
hang-up. ground-belong-you-me hang-up skin. skin. long-long bone
down-below walk-about wails down-below snake-about pussy-pussy. tomorrow-
more-yet fall-about. gold-money not-enough get-belly some-kind nancy
bulk-store whose-that come-down. belong some-kind get-belly night talk-box
back-down-below talk-box. big-town look-out-long. talk-box cunt walk-about
down-below wails snake-about good-time talk-box. gold-money bottle-water
dirty-too-much bottle-water box dirty-too-much walk-about mission-boy
place-play. about-about house-marry sit-house. whose-that. long-time.
house-sick boy. house-sick. short-sweet-lemon. wild-man look look you you
wire wire look-out-long look-out-long knife-screw boss-boy. hot-work cock
one-time they your look you wire day-long.

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1. Article: Mathematical references abound on The Simpsons
     From: Robert Karl Stonjek


1. Article: Mathematical references abound on The Simpsons
     Posted by: "Robert Karl Stonjek" r_karl_s
     Date: Sat Dec 30, 2006 1:36 am ((PST))

Springfield Theory
Mathematical references abound on The Simpsons
Erica Klarreich

In the 1995 Halloween episode of the award-winning animated sitcom The Simpsons, two-dimensional Homer Simpson accidentally jumps into the third dimension. During his journey in this strange world, geometric solids and mathematical formulas float through the air, including an innocent-looking equation: 178212 + 184112 = 192212. Most viewers surely ignored this bit of mathematical gobbledygook.

       Fox Broadcasting Company

On the fan discussion site, however, the equation caused a bit of a stir. "What's going on, he seems to have disproved Fermat's last theorem!" one fan marveled, referring to the famous claim by Pierre de Fermat-proved just months earlier-that for any exponent n bigger than 2, there are no nonzero whole numbers a, b, and c for which an + bn = cn. The Simpsons equation, if correct, would be a counterexample to the theorem, meaning that the proof had been wrong.

Plug the equation into any run-of-the-mill calculator and it seems to check out. The 12th root of 178212 + 184112, according to a calculator, is 1,922. Yet it's easy to see that the equation is false, because the left-hand side is odd, while the right-hand side is an even number. There's no paradox here: It's simply a matter of the calculator's round-off error.

To David X. Cohen, the Simpsons writer who concocted the equation, the fans' responses were a source of glee. Cohen had written a computer program specifically to look for what mathematicians call Fermat "near misses": combinations of numbers a, b, c, and n that come so close to satisfying Fermat's equation that they would seem to work when tested on a calculator.

Why go to such lengths for a background joke that would flash across the screen in a matter of seconds? Mainly for the fun of it, but also to flex intellectual muscles that don't typically get exercised in Hollywood script rooms: Cohen has a master's degree in computer science.

As a mathematically inclined Simpsons writer, Cohen is in good company. Although nobody would call The Simpsons a science show, the writing staff boasts an impressive array of former mathematicians, scientists, and computer scientists. Over the years, they have injected their brand of geeky humor into the show. They've written hundreds of math jokes, ranging in subtlety from Cohen's fake Fermat equation to open jabs at the mathematical illiteracy of the general public. Math has occasionally even provided the theme of an episode.

Source: ScienceNews

Fermat - huh.  Here is Robert's theorem:
that for any exponent n bigger than 3, there are no nonzero whole numbers a, b, c and d for which an + bn + cn=dn ie 33 + 43 + 53=63

Note that one of the few Mathematical jokes that has endured the test of time was written by me!  Search google with the following string:
"Robert Karl Stonjek" erdos
....must write some more....

Posted by
Robert Karl Stonjek

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Work on YouTube, blog at . Tel 718-813-3285.
Webpage directory . Email: for theory; also check
WVU Zwiki, Google for recent. Write for info on books, cds, performance,
dvds, etc. =============================================================

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