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December 31, 2006

English translation below

easeplay away omentmay ofway youray imetay.
iway eednay otay ebay otedvay umbernay 1.
youay alreadyway owknay iway amway allway entrancesway andway exitsway.

atwhay, ievesthay omecay inway atwhay, arkday ightnay?

iverswantedray ideovay akentay outway ofway youtubeay eadlinehay
itway asway unwatchableway. apologiesway.
itway asway eallyray unwatchableway. itway asway atrociousway.
otnay ethay ideovay utbay ethay ansformationtray. iway ouldshay avehay
aughtcay itway.

ewnay youtubeay eronhay utrasay.
ifway isthay isnway'tay atchableway iway'may eallyray ewedscray.

ewnay aterialmay addedway otay httpay://ikukonay.ogspotblay.omcay
ewnay aterialmay addedway otay
httpay://wwway.asondheimway.orgway/iogbay.txtay (autobiographyway)

please a moment of your time.
i need to be voted number 1.
you already know i am all entrances and exits.

what, thieves come in what, dark night?

riverswanted video taken out of youtube headline
it was unwatchable. apologies.
it was really unwatchable. it was atrocious.
not the video but the transformation. i should have caught it.
new youtube heron sutra.
if this isn't watchable i'm really screwed.

Wait - shortly:

    The video you have requested is not available.
    If you have recently uploaded this video, you may need to wait a few
    minutes for the video to process.

new material added to
new material added to (autobiography)

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