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January 5, 2007


the digital is sublime, infinite {avatars are backed, at the back of
infinite space}

digital {0,1} constitutes a spectrum degree zero; if one is below, 0
is above; if 0 is below, 1 is above. since nothing exists between one
and the other, nothing from one is attainable by the other; one and
the other are mutually sublime. the backs of avatars are against the
wall of digital space; there's nowhere left to go.

understand this and you understand the phenomenology of the digital-
in-relation, the analog-in-relation. chinese erhu with echo and filtering
beautiful music shortwave numbers station
colliding with religious preaching, filtered transmission
beautiful sound

Hell, 1930 documents what happens when two dancers
complete the "octopus dance" - long a traditional Switzerland favorite -
dangerously close to a cliff edge overlooking the famed Aletsch Glacier.
Oh they dance, fine enough, but what would happen if the bluff gave way,
the mesa shifted, cliff collapsed? Buried under tons of rubble, jammed
into crevice after crevice, Swiss culture would be the poorer. Let us give
these stellar performers their due, their magnificent bodies carrying the
hallmarks of their trade. Dance is close to prostitution, but since the
Swiss government lavishly spends on the country's cultural heritage, these
two have been rescued from a life of unbelievable perdition. Appalause for
these dancers, who continued in spite of all the obstacles life's thorny
path has thrown into their way. Too bad the woman has left the profession,
such as it is, departed for parts unknown, to start a new life far from
Alpine pastures. Here, then, the remarkable, almost aerial, duets from two
of the most remarkable dancer in recent memory!

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