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January 6, 2007


I'm using QuickTime on a more than adequate PC; what I wrote to Apple is 
below. Any help greatly appreciated; the app's useless as it stands.
Thanks in advance,


I downloaded the latest version of QT on a PC; I'm somewhat knowledgable 
about computers. There's no image with any format - only rasters/colors. I 
did a virus scan, Adaware, Spybot -nothing showed up- I reinstalled; I 
tried a restore point - but the restore points won't work now; I went into 
the registry, removed QT entries by hand -nothing worked- and so forth. 
When I open QT I get a message "Untitled 2" in the title bar. I found a 
2nd QT installation - both were automatic by the way (i.e. I didn't 
hand-set the directory). I took that off, went back and reinstalled clean 
- and the message again appears. Sound comes through, but that's all.

I can't find _anywhere_ on this site to deal with this question; this is 
the nearest. The "QuickTime support" answers questions about registration 
only. I do have Professional by the way - but I get the same errors either 

Finally, I tried downloading with and without Itunes, installing and not 
installing Itunes, etc. Nothing works. Please let me know how to correct 
this; the software is useless. I should add before this download 
everything ran perfectly.

Alan Sondheim,

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