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Two Subjects

Subject: homage to Brakhage, little-seen footage from 1958

Subject: blurb for our upcoming show at Millennium in New York

(date to be announced)

Crepuscle (Twilight) explores the exigencies of dance, eroticism, cultural
restriction, and arousal; it was edited from over a dozen segments in
Geneva. The work tenders the null-point of language, a point where words
stutter, where the body takes over, where cultural tropes are transformed
and lost. It's the deliberate creation of repressed memories. It challenges
the conventions of dance - turning dance inside-out. For the
three of us, it's the culmination of an erotic element in our work that has
all been lost in contemporary culture. Crepuscle rides the muscle of the
body and jouissance, opening a territory which remains virtual, haunting.

A number of short works with Foofwa, shot in Geneva, Gruyeres, and the
Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps, will also be shown.

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