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Moving Her Body in Her Second Life

Today I revisited Second Life and gave new Life to my Avatar and now Her
Body moves just like I would move if I had a File called God.

God makes Dojoji move and God infuses Her with Life new-born, glorious
Life, lovely in Conception and Deed. I cannot say enough about Her
Appearance, but it will remain with me until the Rapture, when she will
lead the Procession of Salvation, Holiest among the Holy, Saved among the
Saved, New-Born among the New-Born.

Yes, and Delicious with the Sweetness of the Nectar of the Lord. I would
love Her Strong, were it not for my Love of God; I would worship Her, were
it not for Strong Salvation. She shall Ascend to the Holy of Holies; She
will draw me up; I will not be far behind. For She accords me the Grace of
Creation, just as I accord her the Wager of Sin.

Together we shudder at the very Sight of the Eternal, We Love each Other
so very much!

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