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January 15, 2007

VirtualBody */long/*

This is the final solution of the virtual body, the solution down to the
bone where the flesh is irrelevant, the muscular body of atrophied
muscles, the wired body switched off, the wired body switched on - this is
the perfect perfected pure virtual body, the aerial body of antenna and

this is the shattered body, body shattered against itself, body of songs
and delights, unspeaking and unspeakable body

it might be said that sex, for me, was only a detour, that this body has
been the construct-construction of years - the rendering of these few
moments left (of the shattered body, the final solution) taking only a
matter of twenty hours or twelve-hundred minutes for perfect production,
frame by frame, image by image, the coalescence of nature-culture like
none other, the immanent shattered by the imminent

only the necessity of knowing the absence of sex and all desire, the
useless remnant of violence crawling out of our civilization - only this
necessity is a reminder of the interior of pollution incohering, stripped
from life and limb, corpuscule and tissue

nothing is in favor of the light 'here,' nothing is 'here' nor was nor
would have been (nothing exemplary anyway)

The Text of the Procurer:

:lives always has fuzzy boundaries where the limited exigencies of life
are:landscape of death. Hannibal's elephants haunt the Alps. Where
nothing:Every organism is an organism of and by slaughter, every
landscape, a:have robbed the experience of another. Memories always teeter
on the verge:to, almost a denial that only Rilke was capable of. Actually
climbing to: */long/*

Devour the bluff, the church, the grave, seems an impossible memory now,
as if I Brought Forth through lives always has fuzzy boundaries where the
limited exigencies of life are!

landscape of death.
the haunted. of landscape, the landscape of death.
where nothing of the landscape of death.
where nothing lives and nothing is the landscape of death.

The Recognition.
the saturation. the dead-sex link with death and pain.
the dead linkage.

virtual body vb
it made it up for a while I think - the same as the 48 meg but even more
look at the previous text for a description.
tools used were luma and chroma keying (both positive and negative),
positive and negative video echo, displaced overlays, expanded time,
hue shift, brightness/contrast changes, saturation changes. it took
far too long. i wanted the image to 'keep' through the changes but
lose the body and sexuality; i wanted the dance-movement of the wires,
the body shattered; i wanted a lot of things that might not have
happened; i still want a lot of things that won't ever happen. boohoo
i'm so sad for me
virtualbody @
as long as it lasts, as long as they let it up

if you haven't seen some of the other vids, check them out, they're short

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