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the session of creation

[Alan Sondheim joined the session]
[Alan Sondheim started recording]
Alan Sondheim: Listening to this session for the echo in the room.
16-Jan-2007 16:15:14 GMT
Alan Sondheim: "Recording this session" "Listening to this session"
16-Jan-2007 16:15:25 GMT
Alan Sondheim: I remember when I used to write into the void,
there were great hollows, condors, sublime worlds beyond worlds
16-Jan-2007 16:16:18 GMT
Alan Sondheim: And because the worlds were beyond worlds, because of this,
there were worlds invisible, worlds hidden by the truths of others.
16-Jan-2007 16:16:47 GMT
Alan Sondheim: They recorded only as echoes, they sounded only as echoes.
16-Jan-2007 16:17:04 GMT
Alan Sondheim: That was the beginning of appearance, that was the ending
of dreams.
16-Jan-2007 16:17:30 GMT
[Alan Sondheim stopped recording]

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