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Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 10:54:05 -0000
From: Lawrence Upton <lawrence.upton@BRITISHLIBRARY.NET>
Subject: [WDL] Sondheim's ORDERS OF THE REAL

Writers Forum has reprinted Alan Sondheim's _ORDERS OF THE REAL_ - a gathering 
of numerous speculative and other articles on the digital life and related 

Sondheim, Alan; Orders of the real;44 pp; A4 portrait; cover by author; 18 June 
2005; reprinted January 2007; ISBN 1 84254 601 5; �4.00 + �1.50 (p & p for UK)

i.e. UK Total is �5.50. North America �7.00. elsewhere please ask

At the moment it is only possible to purchase it by cheque or cash (when we run 
bookstalls at events). Paypal will be reinstated as soon as Paypal can get 
their heads round it

Until then, I am sorry but we need a sterling cheque - non-sterling cheques add 
�9 [this is required because HSBC shareholders are so poor - WF doesn't get any 
of it]

Cheques payable to Writers Forum

Writers Forum

32 Downside Road


Surrey SM2 5HP

If this is all impossible, contact me and let's see if something can be worked 

"that microcephalic bore (i.e. fuckwit) Lawrence Upton"
Sean O'Brien, discerning critic

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