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reconstructing adventure

(one of the first and best online interactive fiction/games; this is
the stuff of legends)

down a gully. rocky bed. down, but small ledge can be seen to the west
across chasm. in rock. downstream streambed is bare dirt strong steel
grate mounted concrete. a dry leads into depression. low crawl over
cobbles inward west. at east end of passage. wide passage with becomes
plugged mud and debris has scrawled, "magic word xyzzy". rivers orange
stone. an awkward canyon good exit from sides chamber. staircase downward.
the hall filled wisps white mist swaying fro almost as if alive. a cold
wind blows up this room crude note on wall. says, directions. dome
unclimbable. wall above pit this room. pool oil one corner pit. an e/w
rock room's center. sight. a floor indistinctly visible feet below. traces
cover pit, becoming thicker right. marks dust around window would seem
indicate that enters exits through tiny slits. hall mists. continues
another goes north. to south little off floor. dead up. maze level.
chambers. to slants north round two foot hole down. joins narrow
north/south higher make walking explore random select north, south, up, or
go west, east, ne, nw. part occupied by large bedrock block. littered thin
slabs, which it easy descend pits. passages, they are now boulders. low
passages quickly bends boulders. se. tall other combined. crawl. get back
seems open runs mass boulders -- dead end. stream flows out pair diameter
sewer pipes. it advisable use exit. profusion leaves. leading north. lamp
show it. cavernous lead south. on scrawled inscription, "fee fie foe foo"
[sic]. sparkling waterfall roaring whirlpool disappears passages thick
pile carpet. moss covers ceiling. oriental room. ancient oriental cave
drawings walls. a gently sloping upward se, hands knees far below, heavy
mist, strange splashing noises heard. the rises fissure path distance.
extremely tight tunnel east. looks like very squeeze. an eerie light dark
corridor ne. walls bits shells imbedded shallow proceeds downward,
somewhat steeper remnants recent digging evident. proceed own risk. [witt
construction company]" covered seeping extend for well feet. suspended
some unseen point far midway between walls. (the mirror obviously provided
either wall, fifty left. stalactite extends roof reaches fills rapidly
upward. the lake fed stream, tumbles about giant appears repository
"adventure" program. massive torches overhead bathe smoky oysters, bundle
black rods rusty stars their ends, collection brass lanterns. off side
great many dwarves sleeping floor, snoring loudly. notice nearby reads:
"do not disturb dwarves!" immense hanging against sundry objects glimpsed
dimly full fierce green snakes. row wicker cages, each contains sulking
bird. in marks ends. number velvet pillows scattered grate, next sign
reads, "treasure vault. keys main office. " below obscures all view side.
sw away chasm winding corridor. heard louder direction. the right fork
southeast gentle slope. roar, so loud entire trembling. another active
volcano, gouts molten lava come surging out, cascading depths. glowing
farthest cavern blood-red glare, giving every- thing eerie, macabre
appearance. air flickering sparks ash smell brimstone. hot touch,
thundering volcano drowns sounds. embedded jagged myriad twisted
formations composed pure alabaster, scatter murky sinister apparitions
upon deep gorge, bizarre chaos tortured have been crafted devil himself.
river fire crashes depths burns its way right, geyser blistering steam
erupts continuously barren island center sulfurous lake, bubbles
ominously. aflame incandescence own, lends additional infernal splendor
already hellish scene. a dark, foreboding warm, causing stifling heat.
only heading coming rumbling. oddly shaped limestone formations. entrance
"caution! bear room!" empty except dust. toward paths ledge. across
clearing surrounded forest. rear roar water past dangerous. here base
cliff lie remains several earlier adventurers who apparently failed tumble
hundred join unlucky adventurers. set keys brass lantern *grate locked.
open. wicker cage black rod three star lies nearby. mark *steps rough
stone steps dome. little bird bird's singing quite melodious. does
inclined sing while cage. joys forest home. thank information, flies
*rusty door barred massive, rusty, iron door. velvet pillow *snake huge
snake bars way! %! (chased away) hissing venomously. *fissure crystal
bridge spans fissure. vanished! *stone tablet massive "congratulations
bringing dark-room!" clam >grunt!< tight-mouthed a, er, clam. oyster
> groan!< oyster. even though it's oyster, critter's says same did before.
hm, maybe pun? "spelunker today" i'm afraid magazine written dwarvish. but 
pencilled tasty food small bottle water oil *mirror *plant bellowing "water!! 
water!!" plant spurts furious growth few seconds. grows explosively, filling 
bottom ask plaintively water. demand maintains contented silence. *phony (seen 
twopit room when enough) top -foot-tall beanstalk poking *stalactite *shadowy 
figure and/or dwarf's axe *cave *pirate/genie (never present) *dragon dragon 
blood-specked body lying hands!(unbelievable, isn't it?) is, surprisingly, 
silent. *chasm rickety wooden chasm, vanishing mist. posted "stop! pay troll!" 
wreckage (and bear) *troll troll sounds adamant his treasure. (bear uses rtext 
) (dead) *message second *volcano *vending machine section revealing southward 
vending swings block batteries some worn-out batteries discarded *carpet moss 
curtains *ogre formidable ogre northern strong, silent type. *urn urn embedded 
flame extrudes *cavity (something it) *blood (described dragon) *reservoir 
waters parted form reservoir. crash together again. leporine appendage *mud 
xyzzy" *note *sign cave under construction beyond point. company] large gold 
nugget several diamonds bars silver precious jewelry rare coins treasure chest 
golden eggs nest golden done! jeweled trident ming vase resting, delicately, 
pillow. worthless shards pottery. ming drops delicate crash. egg-sized emerald 
platinum pyramid glistening pearl glistening pearl! persian rug sprawled 
persian rug!! spices chain bear locked chain! ruby jade necklace amber gemstone 
star sapphire ebony statuette treasure gold, rumored enter never hands. direct 
me commands words. i should warn "northeast" "ne" distinguish "north". program 
was originally developed willie crowther. most features current were added don 
woods. contact hollow voice "plugh". misses! sorry, am allowed give more 
detail. will repeat might what is. resources now. attacks snake, astounding 
flurry drives away. no lock. don't know how lock unlock such thing. unlocked. 
light. probably just well. nothing happens. dead. its disappears. attacking 
both doesn't work good try, old magic word. places, actions, things. most my 
vocabulary forest, building, downstream, enter, special objects, hidden cave. 
these manipulated using object action words (in order), sometimes infer verb 
alone. also imply verbs; particular, "inventory" implies "take inventory", 
causes effects; effects always desirable!usually people having trouble moving 
need try usually trying unsuccessfully manipulate attempting something (or my!) 
capabilities completely different tack. one often confusing beginners that, 
holes wall), choosing direction effect chooses ways random; often, though, 
specifying turn lot, leaving place guarantee entering please stick - -word 
commands. ok surface long. stream. detailed instructions do that. huh? trees 
hardwood oak maple, growth, largely birch saplings plus nondescript bushes 
various sorts. this time year visibility restricted spruce berry bushes. 
digging without shovel impractical. even progress unlikely. blasting requires 
dynamite. mist vapor, usually water, think lost appetite. minerals, unpleasant. 
cold. empty. rubbing electric particularly rewarding. anyway, nothing exciting 
peculiar. unexpected watch it! which way? all blame wr. . . . . .

  --- poof!!

everything dense cloud smoke. >>> messages thru reserved "obituaries". <<< 
seed. don't ridiculous! refuses indignantly shakes leaves asks, "water?" hinges 
thoroughly rusted won't budge. freed move, although effort. exceptionally roots 
cannot pulled free. dwarves' knives vanish strike falls rolls goodness, must 
really oyster. (i identifying bivalves. ) whatever snapped shut creaks open, 
inside. promptly snaps he chortles, "i'll take booty hide gloom. sepulchral 
reverberating cave, "cave closing soon. immediately mysterious recorded groans 
life announces: "this closed. leave via anyway, we'll call day. intones, "the 
closed. " as echoes friendly elves carry conquering adventurer sunset. burying 
snakes rubble. pours oh, poor unhappy for summary most changes game, say 
"news". getting (to rest pack), treasures, keep exploring while. if interesting 
points master's section. may occasionally offer hints sudden change temperature 
delicately shattered vase. how. shell impervious attack. bounces harmlessly 
dragon's scales. dragon, gets burnt cinder. ashes blow what? okay, i'll 
describe first trolls close relatives rocks skin tough deftly catches axe, 
examines carefully, tosses back, declaring, "good workmanship, valuable enough. 
" stumble fall lumbers troll, lets startled shriek scurries away. the soon 
gives pursuit wanders back. crying loud, dead! considerably even rather 
friendly. still chained falling none available useful discovering secret. 
gluttony troll's vices. avarice, however, answer question. he carrying chest. 
"shiver timbers!" cries, "i've spotted! i'd best hie meself chest!" with 
vanishes batteries. start wrapping obliterating cryptic message. read should 
ahead anyway? understand. fragments. is acceptable? over. new adventure, resume 
please run fresh copy appear hungry. blood-curdling yell turns bounds after 
dwarves, flee dwarf, flees agitatedly moment. moment, then crack. reappears 
shortly, beak jade lit. dark. oil. his aspect stern advises: "one wouldst 
traffic wrests stone, cavity. turning genie amber smoke condenses rare 
gemstone, resting cavity gem fits easily stiffens ground. subsides. settles 
cooperate. gurgling placidly. splashes loudly pool. dwarves. emanates dull 
rumbling sound. culprit. (uh, y'know, wasn't bright. ) advanced. find first. 
upstream downstream? twice, crashing shore. word "%w". %c achieve rating neat 
trick! congratulations!!

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