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The disappearance of the branch into hardened rock and occasional
artifacts. The root of the avatar is elsewhere; the avatar itself, the
image-avatar, is ghost. The ghost travels through anything of course; it's
nothing more than coordinates., however primitive, is
the beginning of transparency, wizard listening-posts on MOOs for example.
Here we are, the virtual becoming-virtual still.


Break/dance (new video/audio/image work) (in case you've missed this)

Given that the danced-to-infinity motion-capture second=life quasi-avatar
is tethered at a root somewhat distanced from the object-image itself, it
seemed that it might be possible to have the image 'break through' private
barriers - of course with little consequence (so far); in any case you can
see the result in the first two (small file) urls below:

Sound of wood and wire: new alpine zither:

FLoater-dance video in miniature on YouTube -

(please check this and my other videos out. if you like what you see,
please pass the information on to others.)

thank you Alan Sondheim

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