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Alan Sondheim, Foofwa d'Imobilite, Azure Carter

at Millennium Film

66 East 4th Street
New York City

Saturday March 10th at 8:00

Telephone 212-673-0090 for more information.

"Since 1983 the amazingly prolific Alan Sondheim has appeared at Millenn-
ium on a regular basis with substantial new works. This time the multi-
talented media artist has come up with a highly erotic and controversial
feature entitled CREPUSCLE (TWILIGHT) which stars the remarkable dancer,
Foofwa d'Imobilite, along with Azure Carter and Alan Sondheim. The program
will include several short pieces shot in Switzerland." (CREPUSCLE is a
mutual production of the three of us. The program will most likely include
one work, WAREQUIEM, shot in Second Life.)

"CREPUSCLE (TWILIGHT) explores the exigencies of dance, eroticism, cultur-
al constraint, and arousal; it was edited from over a dozen segments in
Geneva. The work tenders the null-point of language, a point where words
stutter, where the body takes over, stumbles, where cultural tropes are
transformed and disappear. It's the deliberate recreation of repressed
memories. It challenges the conventions of dance, turning dance inside-
out, turning dance out. For the three of us, it's the culmination of an
erotic element in our work that subtexts and disrupts the performative
itself. CREPUSCLE rides the muscle of the body and jouissance, opening a
territory which remains virtual, haunting." (A.S.)

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