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March 6, 2007

body out of sight
by this time alan dojoji is out of control dance has held him he moves
through landscape escapes the camera hides in rock runs behind viewers
moves at the speed of light or something else instantaneous i am here but
i disappear you can't catch me you can't snatch me you can't watch me you
can't scratch me you can't match me you can't stash me you can't crash me
you can't slash me you can't mash me you can't bash me you can't trash me
you can't cash me you can't dash me you can't patch me you can't patch me
body out of sight out of light out of might out of byte out in flight out
and right out and tight out and wight out at night out with might out in

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Subject: Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007)

French philosopher Jean Baudrillard dies

The Associated Press

March 6, 2007 [] PARIS: Jean Baudrillard, a French philosopher and social 
theorist known for his provocative commentaries on consumerism, excess and what 
he said was the disappearance of reality, died Tuesday, his publishing house 
said. He was 77.

Baudrillard died at his home in Paris after a long illness, said Michel 
Delorme, of the Galilee publishing house.

The two men had worked together since 1977, when "Oublier Foucault" (Forget 
Foucault) was published, one of about 30 books by Baudrillard, Delorme said by 

Among his last published books was "Cool Memories V," in 2005.

Baudrillard, a sociologist by training, is perhaps best known for his concepts 
of "hyperreality" and "simulation."


the laminixys olomphax, a scotohylact watching horrehomo the somatoroser.
the menadodus beneath the odigraculus, the lythrophyll of the vilipheno
salamyx - a form of glottography against which the histemoreades of the
notooecetes the medeicelomel nablajact; olomphax's palpebriosche begat
tittholup. now to ingest the duobusthamnus, phalectopist, list to the
phalerlall of the nullistymatic nostocarcinus; from gorgopteris to mega-
medusa (zizanilarus flying high above the prinopalpodynia of the olomphax)
- paniseptum in the cimoliscutellium, a form of serpophial beneath the
irriturano. olomphax and conicrio together drank from the serpophial, that
very same, to say, moliphet, the olomphax herself was sersect. salamyx
tells no lies ...

cimoliscutellium small white-clay dish sersect late-cut moliphet hardly-
speak serpophial creeping saucer tittholup nipple-pain conicrio dusty ram
irriturano useless heaven laminixys thin-loins, waist menadodus way of the
moon lythrophyll bloody leaf salamyx lustful slime odigraculus song of the
cormorant glottography tongue writing vilipheno vile purple-red notooece-
tes moist inhabitant nablajact harp-thrower palpebriosche drunken touching
of testicles scotohylact dark yelper medeicelomel genitals resembling the
cheeks olomphax an entire young girl histemoreades mountain-nymph tissue
horrehomo trembling-man duobusthamnus two-cow-shrub somatoroser body-gnaw-
er phalectopist shining-wanderer phalerlall coot babble nostocarcinus
returning-home-crab nullistymatic limp gorgopteris fiercefern megamedusa
great jellyfish zizanilarus weed-gull prinopalpodynia oak-feeling-pain
paniseptum fence-bread

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