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i can hear you breathe

1 says: 2 see if you can hear me now
1 says: hello?
1 says: I can hear you breathe?
2 says: 1 we can't hear you breathe
1 says: yes, I know.
1 says: ok logging out and in
2 says: perhaps log out and log back in or
2 says: !!!!
1 says: Hi I can hear both of you - don't know why you can't hear me
2 says: I'm not sure - is there a loose connection with the mic?
2 says: Have you checked your audio settings?
1 says: yes yes checked setting. don't know.
1 added 3 to this chat
1 says: i can't figure it - worked before with this mic, don't have
1 says: don;t know what the answer is - can hear you breathe
1 says: i can hear you breathe
1 says: the mic is attached to the headset
1 says: its a standard mic/headset combo
1 says: you're both getting this yes
1 says: i can try to get another mic from my wife.
3 says: sure, we'll wait around
2 says: if you don't mind
1 says: i'm looking for another mic. this one worked fine the other week
1 says: this is really frustrating. if its the input on the laptop i'm
   not sure what to do - don't have another machine her
1 says: i'm singing
1 says: you can't hear me
1 says: singing new york new york
1 says: singing once a jolly swagman
1 says: --sat by a billybong
1 says: won't you waltzing matilda with me
3 says: can't hear u 2
3 says: can just hear snippets
1 says: um, yes reschedule --> you're both dispersing anatomically
2 says: i said you're breaking up 3 but not physically
3 says: ahhah
2 says: is anyone logging this?
3 says: i could be *watches arms floating off*
2 says: 1 can you hear me?
1 says: saving saving yes ic an yhear 2
2 says: just a SECOND 3 :)
3 says: lol
2 says: 1 can you hear 3
1 says: oo i need to get up really early tomorrow. so i'm hesitant to try
   to do this again tonight. i can hear you breathe both in a
   mottled sort of way.
2 says: she's breaking up a bit here
2 says: that's abot
2 says: that's about it
1 says: we can rebuild her
1 says: thanks - listening, hearing
1 says: right all sound good.
2 says: I'm not sure you heard me
1 says: ok, no problem - I'd picked up the wow from earlier stuff.
3 says: very choppy, can only just hear u
2 says: I was saying because of online exigencies
2 says: Since no disk space is taken.
3 says: sure 2
1 says: ok, agreed -
1 says: he's gone
1 says: lost in in the the  sigh
2 says: 3 are you still there?
3 says: yup
3 says: but ur not
2 says: I'm not still here?
3 says: can't here u at all
1 says: hi 2
3 says: gettit - here?;)
1 says: so, we hear but cannot speak
3 says: bah
2 says: Dead silent!
3 says: fine here 2;)
2 says: Fine at my end
1 says: sure
3 says: or interest at least
3 says: sounds great 2
2 says: Can either of you hear me at the moment?
2 says: In other words is the sound gone totally dead?
1 says: i can hear you type
1 says: i can hear you breathe
2 says: That's how I feel...
1 says: soliloquy
2 says: 1 can you hear me talking?
2 says: 3 can you hear me?
3 says: nope
3 says: not at all, can u hear me?
2 says: No I can't
1 says: can't go forward?
3 says: can't hear 2:)
2 says: It was loud at this end... Ah well...
2 says: I'm going to go off just for a moment
2 says: If that's ok
3 says: sure
2 says: One last time - I'll try
3 says: and its been raining here 1
2 says: No one is picking up...
3 says: 1 u still there?
1 says: everything's gone wrong
2 says: 1 you still th?
1 says: -- heard it all --
1 says: we'll always have tonight
3 says: true;)
1 says: ok
1 says: bye
1 says: 2 are you there?
2 says: I'm still here - are you?
2 says: I'm trying. I can hear you breathe.

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