The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

the covered

starting somewhere new blemish or dispersion
maquette for the inconceivable performance
i will swallow your air and drown your oceans
i will rupture wave after wave
oceans stuttered and stumbled in spray
in their own spray waves collapsed
solitons were always underfoot pretending
they pretended they were objects for all time

i need time to finish this and other wrything
money becomes me to keep me fed and sane
featureless and following contradictions
i don't want to be troubled and insane
needing a room of one's own and clear thought
clear thinking will come to me pleasantly
i will advance the future of the human race

now i am being merely destructive
tearing at my thought and the breathing air
another step thought disappears forever
i would like this disappearing thought
disappearance opens the gate to thinking
soon i'll think this pleasant thought
just another number of happy money
i'll have time to think this useless thought

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