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March 29, 2007


>From a young Lady is Answer to a Proposal for a private Meeting.
Woodlawn, June 5th, 18--

Sir,--I am altogether surprised at the proposal in your letter of -----.
Although our acquaintance has been of but short standing, I believe my
conduct has never been such as to give you reason to suppose me capable of
an act which, in my opinion, is equally incompatible with truth and female
propriety. Known as you are to both my parents, I can see no object in
your seeking a clandestine interview, and my feelings both for my own and
their honor are such as would forbid my sanctioning any such conduct.

What I know of you, however, is so favorable, that I am willing to believe
that our intentions ought not to be harshly interpreted. Do not peril that
good reputation by a conduct so unworthy yourself. If your intentions be
really honorable, I am sure you will find no obstacles on the part of my
parents, but I must utterly decline any correspondence of a clandestine

Yours very truly,

To _____, Esq.

(From A New Letter Writer for the Use of Ladies, anonymous, around 1879.)

Sandy Baldwin / Alan Sondheim, Second Life, Odyssey staging, section from
20 minute performance:


Levbo, Leves, Levma, Levoc, Levre, Lewet, Lewix, Lewia, Lewod, Lewpe.
Kidop kini. I was not. I will not.

Of no account: Kewka. O Love. Jerep Jeruf Jesam. Jeser. Jesob. Jetan.
But: Jectivity: Jawam. Jeceb. Jecif.

Itcer. Itcob.

But: Lodek. But: Lofob. Lofwe _July_

Doces. Doces. Ipfer ... Fofod?
Evane? Evane? I am. I will.

Logra. To be sure.

Apfid. Goodbye.

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