The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 30, 2007

1 Chang to spread out or Leaf, sheet
2 either
  Yao, Luxurient, Calamity, Fresh-looking,
  early death
  Wu (not likely)
3 Shih Army, troop, Master, teacher,
  tutor, instrutor
4 Ch'u to drive, lash, whip up
or composite to drive away, expel
5 Hsieh, Yeh, Improper, heterodox,
  Deflected, inclined, vicious, deluding,
  obscene, possibly w/ 6, sorcery
6 Sh'ia To be in harmony with
7 Pin Disease, sickness, illness; to
  injure, damage, harass; to worry, defect,
  fault, weakness, vice
8 Ch'uan? Fully, absolutely, perfectly,
  All, whole, total, entire, complete
9 P'ieng Leaf, page, Chapter, section

...instructor for the expulsion of sorcery,
...complete section
...spreadsheet for early death...
...instructor for the whipping up of
sorcery in harmony with damaging...
...fully damaging...

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