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April 3, 2007

sexdance and sololovely and goog urls below

I'm writing after the uploading breathing down downloading on your end of
the world, world's end, spatio, world's end, future anterior tempero.

I'm waiting first for the rendering of sexdance w/ Sandy Baldwin. These
are getting increasingly sophisticated, problematic, uncomfortable,
up/loaded. ok this is long but for the first time alien lifeforms appear
on the boundary-level of an alternative world.

life lowers our expectations; life crawls under them.

I'm uploading the rendering of sexdance w/ Sandy Baldwin in Odyssey East
down there by the shoreline where the world falls off, new moves, new
days, new complexities of behavior.

I'm thinking of a theory but the theory falls flat-euclidean. Reading a
biography of Celan, Benjamin's letters, neither help, are of use; they
construct other interiors. China is on the shortwave.

The flat landscape remains impervious, unpunctured. A surface is a surface
with a vengeance. The Dutch mafia. Netherlands on the shortwave.

At one point I tried to construct binary from topology; it doesn't hold,
it slips out from under us. It's twenty-five years after the Falklands
conflict. The Falklands broadcasting service carried on Radio Netherlands.

Byron wrote Heaven and Earth, which is most curious, and The Deformed
Transformed, which I haven't yet approached. Deformation retains more than
vestige of the original:

Every original is a deformation.
Every original is a deformation degree zero.

I get sick of Second Life; I will pack up and move there or move out. I
don't want to live; I want to create. Living in any life is useless,
exhausting, takes away from one or another realing. People suffering from
Trauma from the Falklands. 250 died in the conflict, but 400 committed

sexdance production delay today high compression algorithm collapsed
narratives and metanarratives codework visible through cyclical
interventions and punctured primitives

sololovely - solo with looped primed inteferenced behaviors
this is yet another solo mocap dancework

duallovely from a different longtimeago world and another planet
azure carter and foofwa d'imobilite older worked double solo duet

the flatness of the flat

blemish = puncture
you might think this tends towards differance
you might think this tends towards the object
the flatness of the flat
the plane is equally thin
flatness: there is no above
recently suffering from migraine, panic attacks
well, that's the puncture, isn't it?
depression's thing?
defuge = the flatness of the flat
defuge = the flatness of the flat

one of the videos compressed for youtube

no room for the abject here

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