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April 15, 2007

deconstructing julu

three sections to skinstretch:
1 camera-movement limit-point collapse into catastrophic behavior
2 behavior collision from above including skin-stretch
3 analysis of skin-stretch in two movements

years ago invented a board game in which the board squares moved
independently, as well as the game pieces on them.
now thinking of second life performance involving two performers
and an architect:
the architect constructs and transforms the performance space;
the performers create psychodrama in relation to behavior collision
within that space.
a performer might fall off the space, be absorbed by the space,
be excluded from the space.
the architect is moved towards greater and greater extremes:
what holds the performance in place, what dissolves it?

i've contacted the potential performers, now would they use their
real names.



set of late 19th cent early 20th cent children's blocks.
rearranged i desperately tried to fill in the gaps.
closed in one area and expanded in another,
just like the true-real, nothing fits any more.
the gaps are small, hiatus, liminal, interval.
they tend towards closure, implying they didn't mean it,
they meant nothing by it, it was an accident,
it was nothing at all. teeth are always on the edge
of things, and that's where the world forms and tears
apart. later, azure appeared and set everything aright.
it took her a few minutes. she followed the diagrams.

liminal air/ground/water growths

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