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the usual avatar visiting the real
the sitting position makes the sequence simple
the stretches are customary and conceivable
the mudrah hands and the rasa eyes
the possibiity of this choreography
the shuddering feet of the usual avatar
the imitating performer of the shuddering feet
the peripheral vision of the real from the box-seat of the digital
the memory of the analog through the dna of collision analog
the uncontrollability of the usual avatar
the hello world program of the usual avatar

visiting avatar
visiting position sitting avatar
avatar makes the sequence the position stretches conceivable are sequence
the mudrah the mudrah customary the the of rasa hands rasa the feet of the
choreography avatar the feet the the the the avatar usual of vision vision
the of vision the from peripheral peripheral the the the from from memory
through the the the dna analog dna the through uncontrollability usual
uncontrollability of the hello program avatar of avatar usual
program hello the

the usual avatar the visiting usual real visiting sitting the position
sitting makes position sequence the simple sequence stretches are the
customary stretches and are conceivable customary mudrah the hands mudrah
rasa the eyes rasa possibiity of this the choreography possibiity
shuddering the feet shuddering imitating the performer imitating
peripheral real vision from from the box-seat the digital of memory analog
analog dna through of dna analog collision memory uncontrollability hello
hello world world program program

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