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April 23, 2007

anitaberbersexdance +++

a melodrama in one act
this is in the middle of the act
you might ask, is there any other?
there is the beginning and ending of the act.
every act is an engine and I am the driver.
you might ask, is there life after the act?
there is life before and after the act.
there is no life during the act.
every act is an index to an empty book.
and the three pluses +++?
the act is dead and the beginning is dead.
the ending is dead and this is melodrama.
this is melodrama in one act.

(Second Life east of Odyssey with Sandy Baldwin)

AB (up for a couple of days only)

Azure adopting Anita Berber poses in a crowded loftspace; stripped of all
theatricality, the effect is mannequin-like; where is the charge of the
audience? Azure adapting herself to Anita Berber poses; her eyes half-
shut, thinking perhaps not of Weimar, but the heady congestion of the
Brooklyn streets below her. Azure adept at Anita Berber, inhaling the life
and times of the doomed mercurial dancer. Azure an adept, believing
herself Anita Berber, walking the heady Brooklyn streets, looking for
performance-fix, cure and cognac, despair. Azure, apt at Anita Berber,
wearing AB-patent-skin, fixated on Anita Berber nightrance nakedance in
dawndusk morning, mourning. Azure, addaft Anita Berber, highspeed
shuddertremble, rayongown, scattered library, ashes, it happened, Weimar,
sex. fury. train. short.

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