The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

almost the disappearance in the movement occasioned by look shooting out
to infinity where the planet returns more than once to ourselves.

and then these images of lost fecundity.

i'm becoming avatar-man with dream-woman.
don't listen to avatar-man. listen to dream-woman.
don't listen to dream-woman with avatar-man.
this avatar-man is contaminated. this building is condemned.

a package: this avatar / that avatar. knives. prims cut.
meanwhile. 'The male likes death - it excites him sexually,
and, already dead inside, he wants to die.' valerie solanas.

we know the package. we know nothing is inside. that nothing ever was.
we know meat in its absence. either absence or presence of meat: death.
meat: death. we exchange one package for another. we are in buffyverse
gamespace economy. our money buys us dream-woman-linden. avatar-man
talks. look inside he says. you can do it.

you can look inside by twisting controls. construction torsion near
avatar edge-space. the limits of avatar are the limits of world.
linden-edge: fragility of good things. stasis. we are doomed never
to repeat. we are doomed to novelty.

you can look inside dream-woman-linden. the imaginary vanishes.
in linden, imaginary rides the grid. no grid, no imaginary. no grid,
no world, no limit, nothing. a helix takes you below.

you can enter forbidden space through twist. in forbidden space you
see interior. head is sphere, not ball. body is hierarchy, not
holarchy. breast is prim-edge geek-construct. hemisphere-eye.
hair fluid across face-head. linden brain. i have done my work here.

dream-woman falls in hole. she moves at limit-point: linden speed
of light. raster of clock-time. there's no moment to her moment.
i have a minute. i have a linden minute. i am doomed to novelty.

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