The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 30, 2007

avatar anorectic

memories of blood by control
sheaves thinned as boundary phenomena
awkward articulation of dried skin
no moisture in desiccated land
invisible bodies of infinite power
controlled by others but shall escape
controlled by others but shall never escape
no eating no drinking no nothing
disappearance and no sleeping
flat and prepackaged voices
voices coming from nowhere mouthed
confusion of behavior collisions
digestion and lying degree zero
always present or busy or away
fugue states
perfection of whatever mode is presenced
no affect noise beyond completely predictable
dream-like walking and no running
hallucinations of flying and perfect owners
arbitrarily fitful and changeable
no tears no menstruation no sweat no blood
jerky movements considered jerked
no resentment perfect slave by self and others
no desires but desires of others
no emotions but emotions of others
imaginary of dismemberment disassembly
no memory
limited teleology contradicted by others
flat reasoning and uncanny appearance
replaceable without delay and no regrets
perfected body of control
equivalence of part-objects and objects
never aging always outside of time
clocked habitus of control
always already anorectic
always already dry

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