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May 1, 2007

*/ I loaned my copy of Bharata's Natyasastra in 2 volumes to someone in the 
past year or so - and can't find it. If you have it, please please return it; 
I'm at a loss here and desperately need it. Thanks, Alan /*

from the archives

i am so cold here. i cannot see here.
i have amenorrhea here. i am anorectic here.
you swim my platelets here. my platelets are "blood."
i use diuretics here. i am dry here.
i am confined here. i am blood platelet.
i have anovulation here. i am prenom here. i am "a".
i am "an". i am so cold here. i am ice here.
you break my skin here. you tear my platelets.
you take my platelets. you do me good tern.

not bellmer berber anita's hans

transformed new early version of the avatar 'outt' behavior from the
archives - . the avatar is blue in a
construct-space of outt-structure. one after another, these avatars
parade. i make them do things. what of this doing? it could continue,
as-if forever. given the largesse of linden corporation. it could speak
and eat. it could move about the place in a variety of ways. it could
interact. it could move into buildings or spaces i could create or could
purchase. it could hold or manipulate objects i could give it. it could
give these objects away. it could attach these objects. it could detach
these objects. this too could continue. i am tired of portraiture. i am
bored by it. i am bored by images close to abject. i am tired of parades.
i am tired of sex implications or violence implications. i am tired of
mappings. there is nothing in second life that is not in first life. there
is nothing in first life that is not in second life. i can move into
buildings. i can manipulate objects. i can give objects away or create
objects or sustain objects or destroy objects. objects can mediate for me.
i can make objects speak for me. i can make objects speak. i can make
objects show. objects can show for me. it is not boredom or tiredness. it
is defuge in the verbal sense. it is 'i defuge' or in passive 'i am
defuged.' neither one nor the other matters in terms of prime mover during
a period of decathection. i can continue just like this forever. each
avatar-video or each avatar-performance is different in content from each
other but not in degree. sukara, dakshinanila, nandiskandhardhara, dhurya,
prakata, pritvardhana, aparajita, sarvasattva, govinda, adhrita. analysis
goes the length of the instantiation. each avatar is avatar-instance. come
see my avatar move. come see my avatar think. my avatar is beauty beauty.
the virtual is a desert. the virtual is depopulated. the energy infinite
and the movement spectacular. and the movement forever. one after another
until a genre is born. until genre is borne. until an atlas rises and
collapses. until demarcation is lost in gamespace. now this avatar is a
motion of second life avatar. this avatar portends second life avatar. you
cannot walk through this avatar nor cross the other side. but this avatar
is spectacular. this avatar moves in deadspace. this avatar lives in
deadspace. this portends second life. second life is grand on a vast and
spectacular scale. second life extends everywhere. close your eyes and
there is second life. second life is the dream of women dream of men. i
say there is too much of it. i say too much avatar. too much trope. too
much behavior and too much behavior collision and too much stancedance and
too much packaging. too much exchange and too much color. too much linden
day and too much linden night. oh our nights are linden nights and our
days are linden days. objects spaces and avatars and owners and behaviors
and exchanges. i speak to you from my world. my world is a pretty penny. i
hide my face from you. you do not look upon my face. my face is a pretty

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