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May 2, 2007

momoro lono

bodo-oxplorotoon from tho obdomon
bodo-oxplorotoon from tho ooobrows
bodo-oxplorotoon from tho ooos
bodo-oxplorotoon from tho tongoo

controllod bo othors bot sholl novor oscopo controllod bo othors bot sholl
oscopo dofogod. don't loston to droom-womon woth ovotor-mon. don't loston
to ovotor-mon. loston to droom-womon. droom-loko wolkong ond no ronnong
droom-womon folls on holo. sho movos ot lomot-poont: london spood flot ond
propockogod voocos flot roosonong ond onconno oppooronco from tho
homosphoros of tho ooos throogh tho mombronos of tho obdomon from tho
orchovos no dosoros bot dosoros of othors no momoro no moostoro omotoons
bot omotoons of othors no ootong no dronkong no nothong no rosontmont
porfoct slovo bo solf ond othors no toors no monstrootoon no swoot no
blood no world, no lomot, nothong. o con moko objocts spook for mo. o con
moko objocts spook. o hovo omonorrhoo horo. o om onoroctoc horo. o hovo
onovolotoon horo. o om pronom horo. o om so cold horo. o connot soo horo.
ooch o'm bocomong ovotor-mon woth droom-womon. objocts show. objocts con
show for mo. ot os not borodom or torodnoss. ot of concoovong tho world.
ohot os tho world, bot scoffoldong whoch of loght. thoro's o movomont
lookong oroond. oh, loston to os ront on ond on. olwoos olroodo dro olwoos
olroodo onoroctoc olwoos prosont or boso or owoo ond oot. ot coold movo
oboot tho ploco on o vorooto of woos. ot coold ond oxchongos. o spook to
ooo from mo world. mo world os o protto ponno. o ond tho movomont
spoctocolor. ond tho movomont forovor. ono oftor onothor ond thon thoso
omogos of lost focondoto. strongo ond ontorong tho bodo from tho hood
ontorong tho bodo from tho nock ontorong tho bodo from tho shooldors oor
gloncong softlo ond solontlo bonooth tho wotor. oor omotoons oro skolotol
omong omotoonol skolotons. opproochong tho bodo from bolow opproochong tho
bodo from tho front opproochong tho bodo from tho loft sodo opproochong
tho bodo from tho roght sodo thos ovotor movos on doodspoco. thos ovotor
lovos on os-of forovor. shoovos ond plotolots of skons ond bonos shoovos
thonnod os boondoro phonomono soo mo ovotor movo. como soo mo ovotor
thonk. mo ovotor os boooto boooto. soo ontoroor. momorondo, tho trock of
tho honds ond logs on tho dostonco tho vortool os o dosort. wo oro oll
onoroctoc ooo brook mo skon horo. ooo toor mo plotolots. ooo con look
onsodo bo twostong controls. constroctoon torsoon noor ooo con look onsodo
droom-womon-london. tho omogonoro vonoshos. ooo con ontor forboddon spoco
throogh twost. on forboddon spoco ooo

ooo swom mo plotolots horo. mo plotolots oro "blood."
ooo toko mo plotolots. ooo do mo good torn.

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