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Musical Comedy

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Musical Comedy, San Toy, A Chinese Musical Comedy, Edward Morton, Sidney
As You Desire Me, Allie Wrubel, signed Anita M. Coogan
Spring Parade, sung by Deanna Durbin, signed Eleanor C. Graham
If the Dreams that I dream Come True, Billy K. Wells, posed by Esther
When It's Lamplightin' Time in the Valley, Joe Lyons, Sam C. Hart, and
  the Vagabonds, Francis Langford's theme song
Some handwritten stuff including With my Hands on my Shoulders, Sue M.
We Never Speak as We Pass By, Joe Sanders, signed Jean Darling (Little
Book Two, Rainbow Album of Popular Songs, 1933,1941?
Star Dance Folios, 1-13, 15, 16, 17a, 18a, 19b, 20a,
  21, 24, 26, 28
When my Baby Smiles at Me, Ted Lewis
World's Greatest Song Folio, George M. Cohan's Songs of Yesteryear,
  Library of William J. McKenna, B64
The Popular Songs Monthly, April 1921
Little Miss Fix-It, W. J. Hurlbut, Harry B. Smith, Nora Bayes and Jack
A Song Lyrics Publication, Song Hits, Volume 3 #4, 1939
Song Hit Folio, July 1935
Song Lyrics from Big Broadcast of 1938, Love and Hisses
Song Hits, October 1939
Blue Grass Roy, The Hamlins Corncracker Book #4, 1936
World's Greatest Collection "88" Grand Old Songs
Ted Browne's 1928 Song and Dance Folio
Special Edition for 1924 Irving Berlin Inc. Universal Dance Folio for
Scarf Dance, scene d'ballet, Chaminade #383
The Amateur Volume 4 #3, November 1873
Victor Budget of Popular Songs, 1903
The Victor Dance Folio of Waltzes and Two-Steps, 1905
Lost in a Fog, Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh
Victor Dance Folio #2, 1905
Victor Dance Folio #4, 1910
Dixieme Album Francis Salabert pour piano seul
#18 Irving Berlin Inc. Universal Dance Folio for Piano
Up to Date Songster
You Can't Get Lovin' Where there Ain't Any Love, Will E. Skidmore and
  Jackmore Baxley dedicated to and sung by Marianne Harris (2 copies)
I Like It, Irving Berlin
That Certain Party, Words by Gus Kahn, music by Walter Donaldson,
  Irving Berlin Inc.
Did you Mean It? Phil Baker, Sid Silvers, and Abe Lyman, 1927
Everybody Tells it to Sweeney (and Sweeney tells it to me), Ziegfield
  Folies of 1920
Crawford Music Corporation Song Album #2, Mac Gordon and Harry Revel
Irving Berlin Inc. Universal Dance Folio for Piano, 1933
Tangoland Album by Famous Composers, 1932
Mid-Season Book #2, The Gem, Dance Folio for 1929 #2
Jack Mills #2 Dance Folio, 1924
E. T. Paull's Folio of Novelties and Marches, Book 2, 1904
Mark Stern Smart Set Dance Album, 1904
#4 The Witmark Dance Folio for Piano, 1905
Modern Styles and Harmonic Construction for Popular Piano Player,
  Marvin Kahn
Max Morath's Guide to Ragtime, 1964
The Gem Dance Folio for 1924
Baby Face, Benny Davis and Harry Akst
You Call it Madness but I Call it Love by Con Conrad, Gladys Dubois, Russ
  Colombo, and Paul Gregory
What a Life, Trying to Live without You, Charlotte Kent, Louis Alter,
  originally introduced by Helen Morgan
In a Little Spanish Town 'Twas on a Night Like This, Mabel Wayne and
  Louis and Young, featured by Julia Gerity (2 copies)
Lonsome and Sorry, Benny Davis and Kahn Conrad
Somebody's Wrong Song, Henry I. Marshall, Raymond Egan, Richard A.
  Whiting as featured by Sophie Tucker
Bringing in the Sheaves, 1935
General Grant's March, E. Mack
Albert von Tilser's Dance Folio of Popular Hits #2, 1905
The Mark Stern's Smart Set Dance Album #3, 1906
The Crown Dance Folio Arranged for the Piano by Lee Orean Smith #1,
#4 1926 Jack Mills Dance Folio
Albert von Tilser's Dance Folio of Popular Hits, 1905
Whitney-Warner #1 Folio Waltz and Two-Step, 1903
Words and Music Radio Gem Song Hits
In the Garden of my Heart, Caro Roma and Ernest R. Ball
The Mark Stern Beauty Dance Album #1, 1910
Griswold's Popular Collection Fifteen Pieces of Popular Music
Merry Widow by Franz Lehar
Two Characteristic Pieces, 1928 (may be missing a page)
Molina's Album of Tangos and Spanish Favorites, 1933
Feist Dance Folio For Piano, 1921
L. Choclo Piano Solo by A. G. Villodo
Pinwheels, Piano Solo by Bill Gillock
Martha Fantasy Facile, Edouard Dorn, Op. 39 #306
Carlo Buti, Song Album of Continental Hits with Italian Lyrics, 1936
1941 Feist Song Folio
Warner Brothers Song Folio Second Edition, 1939
Maybe (She'll Write Me, - She'll 'Phone me), Roy Turk, Ted Snyder, and
  Fred E. Ahlert, 1923
These Pieces are not published in book form (for hotel piano)
Piano Dance Folio #1, 1905
Castle Society Dance Folio #2, 1914 (this is Mr and Mrs Vernon Castle)
Castle Society Dance Folio for Piano, 1914
Perfection Dance Folio #1 for Piano, 1916
The Mark Stern Going Some Dance Album #1, 1913
Haviland's Dance Folio #1, Theodore Morse, 1904
The Chas. K. Harris Dance Album for Piano, 1902
The Best of Rodgers and Hart, modern
The Hanon Studies by John Thompson, Book 1, 1937

New work on YouTube (some pieces already up but compressed here)
New work on (added here and there)
On MySpace and Facebook come along and fill them up
New stuff on (trickling in)

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