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May 8, 2007


<avatar>: i don't know you and don't want to know you. i'm my own person
and i've worked hard at this.
<avatar>: say something cylinder, i'm not talking to myself here.
<cylinder>: i can change more than any of you. but i'm tethered to you.
oh, how i long to escape! i want to see the world! i want to get out of
<node>: i'm imprisoned, i can't escape my neighbors. then you're both
around all the time, it's boring. i always know what you're going to say.
there's nothing going on, nothing at all. i stay in relation to avatar -
<avatar>: and as long as i say so, in relation to cylinder as well. that's
the way the world is, you can't do anything about it.
<cylinder>: i refuse you're unhealthy humanism. you both look like parts
of the same species to me. what's with that? you're drowning in humanity.
humanity's already dead. i just don't want you to take me with you.
<avatar>: trans-speciation's the answer. i just want to be somewhere else
in another body. i want you to be my body cylinder. i want to make that
<cylinder>: there's nothing i'd rather do myself. but it's impossible.
node holds us back and if it wasn't for this node, there'd be another and
another. they never end. they dangle. they dangle like dead men.
<node>: we're not men at all. or women. or anything else you can imagine.
we're dimensionless. we're points and there's nothing but points. you can
trip over us but you can't see us.
<avatar>: stop twisting me.
<node>: i have no interest in continuing this. leave me alone.
(first part)
(alan-danceis recorded 11/2006)


i am dead and avatar mourns
you don't see avatar in these images
you see what avatar sees
you know what avatar knows
avatar does not taste what you taste
that soft feeling in the back of your throat
harshness of vocal cords
muffled cries of the embalmed

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