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May 10, 2007

(in reality, a theory is embedded in the following, thinking through
virtual topology in relation to 'real' topography - node in relation
to grit, avatar in relation to organism, duplication in relation to
inviolation, violation in relation to economy. but these are other
stories as well as not told, unless, given the medium, presented with
the proper address.)

theory: topology and topography

sex-playing roles in organic display that disappears, sheaves of lives
disappear, all moments, topologies of desire, topographies of bodies and
media, topologies of media, topographies of representation, the grit of
the real, imaginary of the virtual, cleansed, hairless, in constant state
of rebirth, airborn, earthborn. nothing but prims, pixels, machinic
constructs that disappear as so many props only necessary at this point in
time. forget them. work the world.:

:the flower is connected, fecund, the flower is a shape, the flower is the
merge of connection and organism. things need names and often don't have
them; i learned firsthand when my mother died, what happens in any death:
the dispersion of the world she organized and assembled over decades, a
dispersion which happened quickly, in the matter of days. all my belong-
ings and works are organized in a skein of representations - they're so
fragile, so tied to temporal balance, feedback. what can be said of this,
of the fragility of worlds - just so my writings falter at the gate. in
1841 someone was awarded a certificate of merit; i have that certificate,
untethered, release, haunted - oh i cried when i found it, this delicate
index of the past, bones, skeletons, dust, death, hunger.:

:i forgot you jennifer i've been too busy with avatar bodies that can't
hold a stick to you. the news around here isn't good, there are closeups
of autopsies on television and i don't even know the people. i've been
writing with characters 'cylinder,' 'node,' and 'avatar,' which at least
presents connectivity of a certain sort in place of either the machinic or
the organic - a move from topography to topology that seems critical at
this point in time. but everything is still-born; i leave the site and the
citation, the object itself, leaves as well.::chests of connections and

Your small tables of nodes and vectors is in my wayward closet of
attachments and parts

Your breast seeps into my closet of attachments and parts - turning me
closet of attachments and parts
chests of connections and cylinders
tables of nodes and vectors

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01: pries even kno
02: primple. i'v
03: prime
04: primes
Thanks, A
05: primp

06: prism ^X Send
07: prismsd
ting wit
08: rimsers 'cyl
09: trimsode,' and

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