The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

May 19, 2007


in perfect joy i offer self to you
accompanied by body closed and open
one violates oneself and then the rest
compassion turns hardened flesh to yield

bodhisattvas recognize the turn
enfolding flesh within enfolding flesh
worlds and words defer the sound of god
words drive her out
 	worlds take her in again

shadows sweep light before the dawn
days harden like unto the blackest night
within the night all vowels disappear
sounds moan and grate upon still darker reefs
cliffs plunge their streams into the pools below
or pools above
 	there is no physics here
but course of flesh bound to the broken point
or line of plane or moment cauterized
and softened as the drawn world swirls

night brings on night
 	day brings on night as well
the nighthawk's catastrophic cries are wheeled

all wheels axles all spokes and rims and hubs
unseen and heard in day drawn down to dusk
and dusk to dusk and dawn to dusk and folds
 	of skin and flesh bind all in perfect joy
which joy i offer self to self to you
bound by my body softened closed and still
come violate my flesh still open calling you
compassion turns your flesh to open me
bodhisattvas their their face to me
your flesh swallows me
 	your black eyes
your blind eyes
 	your heavy lidded eyes
your invisible eyes
 	your y

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