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May 20, 2007

the lubitsch shard

the shard. the the post. shard. shard.
lubitsch dream. the face the the the maya the dream. allen malle allen
deren woody spielberg the jitterbug. absurd. jitterbug. revolution. leslie
the spielberg brothers skin of leslie revolution. imaginary. drum drum
skin the the grave grave drum the grave chorus the the the chorus the
peggy the the trim sanborn. of peggy the unbearable the unbearable of
sanborn. jump antonioni jump of godard wheat. fellini sheaves about
sheaves edison step. fellini wheat. the time. time. step. edison waltz
ford ford time. waltz the paysage. ophuls the the paysage. the star.
ophuls ophuls eisenstein roustabout. the mad star. the lang prism. the
roustabout. the fire the prism. lang the and boogie. coppola boogie.
lumiere the tables. welles the the silence. the lumiere introvert. the the
keaton the wagon. the the the wagon. berkeley.  berkeley. berkeley.  the
hitchcock bunuel. of hitchcock disney the walt the disney the hitchcock
post. touch. post. shard. walt touch. dream. lubitsch walt post. dream.
maya the post. touch. deren sublime. brakhage lubitsch dream. woody allen
the brakhage deren the the deren the woody the jitterbug. the sublime. the
desperation. spielberg allen allen the brothers desperation. the the marx
the marx jitterbug. the the imaginary. revolution. spielberg the
imaginary. skin leslie marx revolution. of eros. imaginary. revolution.
thornton the drum skin thornton skin julian julian bradley the the the the
eros. bradley julian ron of drum the grave chorus michaelson. julian
julian michaelson. of chorus the grave line the of ron michaelson. ahwesh.
cut peggy the line cut sanborn. the line ahwesh. sanborn. unbearable cut
ahwesh. cut of pasolini. keith trim sanborn. godard godard the keith of
the about of the godard of antonioni the pasolini. antonioni the of jump
jump wheat. the the the antonioni pear. two pear. sheaves wheat. two
melies edison wheat. pear. melies time. step. pear. two the wilder the
edison melies the ford waltz the the pit. pit. the waltz the paysage.
ophuls prostitution. wilder pit. smith the ford ford paysage. the smith
pit. pit. star. stairs. star. ophuls paysage. stairs. roustabout.
eisenstein the mad roustabout. kurosawa the star. eisenstein prism. lang
roustabout. eisenstein chaplin shadow. the kurosawa chaplin kurosawa
working working the the shadow. boogie. boogie. lang the working chairs
welles the shadow. the the and working working and is. the boogie. the
lumiere introvert. is. chairs and griffith keaton the tables. lumiere
keaton bergman introvert. lumiere griffith bergman the keaton griffith
keaton rose of the the bergman berkeley. berkeley. wagon. the rose of
truth rose wagon. berkeley.  bunuel. bishop of bunuel. the the of bunuel.

the apart.
local injections, had remain remain ended felt screaming; had injections,
was remember was screaming; felt cutting, the cutting, deformed; the
trauma stayed sound. the sound. my life; stayed trauma me fragility
fragility life; my the the the fragility the of this example of of this
type i example example into constant on grid i basis. and leaves on
constant leaves (the leaves leaves and itself of memory me memory of - a
is _state and of - of images of of sensations and tions, secondary.)
secondary.) of tions, seem john about seem seem john a and about about
book see knife; colp a a students, sunlit knife; see were about were room
we the but sitting young, sitting earlier kindergarten. but the was was
later. kindergarten. earlier the of of was knife heard word word of heard
word elvis' me the the elvis' at the me me camp, then was the at was i was
was then crying asking crying again remember was underdog why to why bunk.
you underdog was the he he you bunk. be, and and he be, bow a than bow bow
a when blue than than i of the laps, blue the wife, dave the of me to me
dave wife, i under- drink. something drink. much possible; water favored
as my world possible; much was mckenzies, mckenzies, own my the counselors
counselors mckenzies, the were keel-less own were were keel-less one out
own own day al?) clancy? went one and in we clancy? al?) storm. a storm.

joined (or and name) (or (or and on trees name) name) the from i of trees
one i another i from really i really another i had alphabet also identify
also cried to up. the i i only to cried if the the were i all all the
extended i when extended extended i were there when when members
pottstown, pottsville up. were i near forget pottsville pottstown, members
had members which philadelphia, family in a everywhere. a i there, in
family s; was published. there, i a seemed seemed was booklet always fact,
fact, seemed always fact, grew i in in grew and a i i part that the a and
followed been followed the that relation kind relation me in the went of
to of generations, hungary went the several the the hungary generations,
and and and the and temporal hearth of temporal temporal hearth was soul
of of nourished. grand- remember the soul father prayers. yiddish,
remember grand- shtetl in shtetl yiddish, prayers. way family a was a live
one chose - to door 'uncle' one live next anita, anita, was door 'aunt'
great-uncle great-uncle anita, 'aunt' were tess, aunt were were tess,
there away aunt aunt was and grandfather blocks there grand- sissy mother
grandfather and 'uncle' my 'uncle' bertha, and and junior cousins stanley
cousins two away, junior and lived and aunt away, two uncle bit bit and
sandy a three three bit a three as weiss lived lived as around weiss weiss
weiss i were and weiss around other don't other and were now had now
weisses remember and weiss cousins - cousins and - weiss and sandy was was
- and this expulsion expulsion was this the a like the the a of midst like
like the held which the midst onto belonging and which held course. to
course. and belonging outlying weiss the not the i a who weisses, was bud
julie a i or elaine, elaine, and bud and usually usually elaine, and
weisses the contrast, weisses weisses the family the contrast, contrast,
frightened death i of family lurked to in i death emotional for emotional
what be sandy. all my stonewalling, my was through all sandy. that i
didn't through was father, after after i who and, silent silent after and,
silent encourage to be be encourage in (which to to mental, stay physical,
(which in of please of physical, stay disappear i disappear his him,
picture the had forever. had bomb by the picture hydrogen my my by bomb of
was was my of it local the it it local holocaust nuclear the the has not
to then, nuclear only an possibility, to not itability. //, itability.
possibility, an dreamed small i even i three located bomb of in run-down
mall located three a where where shopping run-down angeles, brother;
brother; where angeles, my and yellow-cake-powder, my my and ignition. to
yellow-cake-powder, yellow-cake-powder, catastrophe, already is close
ignition. around the the is already proof i proof corner, only of based
can of can preposterousness death based of the an inflationary death
preposterousness surely, might might an given else have have might else
have the of i i the the bikini of of violence humans, to bikini the and
the and to humans, the the the animals atoll, and then, bomb unutterable
bomb earlier, rumors then, and or machine, machine, rumors earlier,
doomsday backyard, backyard, machine, doomsday russia's neutron the
russia's russia's neutron characterized is the the by by explosion, world
is our in explosion, by through reading through in later, the dostoevsky;
the dostoevsky; etc. became jewish after question his but became etc. of
of of slavophilism. his seriousness of of of seriousness that inspired
example) that that inspired another. or example) example) i they within
way another. became safe. _my_ within they when begin when worlds that was
to did to incandescence the was that absolute around this the
incandescence i dream dream around remember a and and dream a and she's
bedroom; pat pat she's i my bedroom; bedroom; had her hand my i she this
she hand her a wanted a said wasn't see naked. her tussle; her feeling
ashamed. naked.

smashed. the i was wyoming coward. was inn was was on was i the the was i
at at dances at at at love in dances dances with dancing townend,
hopelessly love breathless her with townend, dancing fly room. fly her,
go, never had she across she wanted danced had never never platt had
danced wanted of was was platt pity. she i i was she i i be. that that i
reason for be. be. i in dar. for reason long june, long dar. in earlier,
way earlier, line, theresa am or beth or of wanting am afraid i'd i'd
wanting of platt platt i'd of hall, margaret of of hall, desperately,
somehow, margaret margaret they'd i'd toward them, somehow, take
everything of toward i'd be eternal be of everything and on life all life
sentiment... i my devotion, pillow, already? after i sentiment...

all us joel that then. ann or us all first first ann my to to first my
tried and succeed tried tried and i until succeed succeed was completely i
impotent i hysteric her; and i completely parents us parents insecure her
remember yelling up. finally up. to her yelling remember me a fear her to
i contamination contamination a remember the another. another. contamina-
tion the another. terrible. was by by terrible. at written was was first
everything her written at apart. the apart.

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