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the lubitsch shard

the shard. the the post. shard. shard.
lubitsch dream. the face the the the maya the dream. allen malle allen
deren woody spielberg the jitterbug. absurd. jitterbug. revolution. leslie
the spielberg brothers skin of leslie revolution. imaginary. drum drum
skin the the grave grave drum the grave chorus the the the chorus the
peggy the the trim sanborn. of peggy the unbearable the unbearable of
sanborn. jump antonioni jump of godard wheat. fellini sheaves about
sheaves edison step. fellini wheat. the time. time. step. edison waltz
ford ford time. waltz the paysage. ophuls the the paysage. the star.
ophuls ophuls eisenstein roustabout. the mad star. the lang prism. the
roustabout. the fire the prism. lang the and boogie. coppola boogie.
lumiere the tables. welles the the silence. the lumiere introvert. the the
keaton the wagon. the the the wagon. berkeley.  berkeley. berkeley.  the
hitchcock bunuel. of hitchcock disney the walt the disney the hitchcock
post. touch. post. shard. walt touch. dream. lubitsch walt post. dream.
maya the post. touch. deren sublime. brakhage lubitsch dream. woody allen
the brakhage deren the the deren the woody the jitterbug. the sublime. the
desperation. spielberg allen allen the brothers desperation. the the marx
the marx jitterbug. the the imaginary. revolution. spielberg the
imaginary. skin leslie marx revolution. of eros. imaginary. revolution.
thornton the drum skin thornton skin julian julian bradley the the the the
eros. bradley julian ron of drum the grave chorus michaelson. julian
julian michaelson. of chorus the grave line the of ron michaelson. ahwesh.
cut peggy the line cut sanborn. the line ahwesh. sanborn. unbearable cut
ahwesh. cut of pasolini. keith trim sanborn. godard godard the keith of
the about of the godard of antonioni the pasolini. antonioni the of jump
jump wheat. the the the antonioni pear. two pear. sheaves wheat. two
melies edison wheat. pear. melies time. step. pear. two the wilder the
edison melies the ford waltz the the pit. pit. the waltz the paysage.
ophuls prostitution. wilder pit. smith the ford ford paysage. the smith
pit. pit. star. stairs. star. ophuls paysage. stairs. roustabout.
eisenstein the mad roustabout. kurosawa the star. eisenstein prism. lang
roustabout. eisenstein chaplin shadow. the kurosawa chaplin kurosawa
working working the the shadow. boogie. boogie. lang the working chairs
welles the shadow. the the and working working and is. the boogie. the
lumiere introvert. is. chairs and griffith keaton the tables. lumiere
keaton bergman introvert. lumiere griffith bergman the keaton griffith
keaton rose of the the bergman berkeley. berkeley. wagon. the rose of
truth rose wagon. berkeley.  bunuel. bishop of bunuel. the the of bunuel.

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