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May 22, 2007


( new work on Odyssey on Ning Facebook - audio only )

- tr-gg-r -v-nts th-s- -r- -ft-n c-t-l-sts -f m-m-r--s/tr--m- -r r-m-n-
d-rs -p-r--. -nc- tr-gg-r-d, d-pr-ss--n -s --t c-ntr-l. -v--d-nc-
(c-rc-mv-nt--n) s-m-t-m-s p-ss-bl- thr--gh 'b-p-ss' c-nstr-ct-ng -th-r
p-thw--s, d-fl-ct-ng th- -v-nts, r-d-r-ct-ng -tt-nt--n. b c-sc-d- -v-nt
-cc-rs, c-nst-ll-t--n s-mpt-ms -nd -p-r-- -pp--rs. -nt-rl-ck-d; c-sc-d-,
-v-rwh-lm-ng m-t-, -cc-rs. r-s-lt s-ns- -n-sc-p-bl- m--rn-ng wh-ch -pp--rs
w-th--t -r-g-n. th-nk ch--n r--ct--ns, h-l-rch-c sc-tt-r- -ng,
w-dd-ngt-n's chr--d p-t-nt--l m-d-l. -v-r-th-ng f--ds -nt- -v-r-- th-ng,
s--rc-l-ss, t-rg-tl-ss, v-ct-r l-n- s-gm-nt n-wh-r-. -n- f--ls -n -lm-st
l-t-r-l 'r-s-' ch-m-c-l -mb-l-nc-, b-d- dr-nch-d t--rs, ch-m-str- g-n-
-wr-. th-r-'s 'm--nt--n--r's -q--t--n' b-s-d c-nst-nts pl-- wh-n t-p-l-g-
sl-c-d (h.b. gr-ff-ths, s-rf-c-s) -t's s-bj-ct t- pl-n-r sl-c-ng, l-mbs,
th-r-x, m-nd tr-nsf-rm-d. s-m- -ld t-p-l-g-, pr-c- -ss-s -t w-rk, t-m-
-g--n, r-m--n-ng f-r-v-r b-n--th s-rf-c-. (-n d-pr-ss--n, -ll s-rf-c-s
-n-.) (d-pr-ss--n s--ks -ts -wn l-v-l.) c s-z-g- m-lt-pl--c-nn-ct-d
m-n-f-ld t-ns--n, t-rs--n; m-v-m-nt (ph-s-c-l ps-ch-l-g-c-l) thr--t-ns
t--r ps-ch- -p-rt. v-ct-r-d, b-rb-d, r-s-lt-ng -bs-ss-v- c-nstr-ct--n
s-bj-nct-v- ('-f -nl- h-d') n-rr-t-v-s. p-st -ct-v-, cr-ppl-ng; pr-s-nt
n--tr-l, f-t-r- p-ss-v-. sk-tt-rs -cr-ss n-d-s; b-st c-n h-p- f-r
-nd-r-nc-. d h-r-z-n d-s-pp--rs; l-v-d -xp-r--nc-s -xp-ll-d. wh-t r-m--ns
d-br-s p-rt--bj-cts, br-k-n m-m-r--s, -q--ll- s-nt-x -x-st-nc-. n-th-ng
c-h-r-s. d-c-th-ct--n st-t-s pr-c-ss-s w-rld d-s-nv-st-d, b--nd-r- 'l-p'
th-ngs f-ll -w-- f-ll-ng f--l-r-. l-ss, b-t l-st h-s -lr--d- p-rm-n- -ntl-
d-s-pp--r-d. f d-f-g- w-th c-m-s -xh--st--n, -n-rv-t--n; s-nks -bj-ct--n
tr-nsgr-ss--n. pl--s-r- -nc-nc--v-bl-, w-rds l-s- th--r p-rf-rm-t-v-t-,
d-sg-st s-rr-w c-m- g- m-dst bl-nt n--tr-l-t- r-pl-t- d--th, d-c--, -ll.
d-f-g-, st-t- -bj-ct h-p-l-ssn-ss. -mpt--d -mpt--ng. s-p-r-t-s th-s fr-m
m-d-t-t--n -cc-mp-n-m-nt s-rr-w, -v-r gh-sts, -ndl-ss h-r-z-n-l-ss
s-ff-r-ng. -s-l-ss st-t-, -s-l-ssn-ss. c-mf-rt s-rf-c-, th-r- z-n-
c-nstr-ct-d r-mn-nts d-f-ns- m-m-r-; n-sts m-k-s s- d-ff-c-lt r-m-d-.
n-st-ng s-nk-ng-t-w-rds-d--th; f-n-l pr-c-ss s--c-d-. -ls- -ll-v--t-s
s--c-d-, m-- st-- -lw--s f-lt-r-ng, -nd-f-n-t-l-. g c-r- br--ks --ts-d-;
r-d-f-n- -p-st-m-l-g- -v-n-sc-nt, n-t w-rld. f-rm-r m-ght b- t-lk-ng c-r-,
l-tt-r, m-d-c-t--n. t-- b-th b-c-m- c-nt-n---s m-d- -x-st-nc-, -ts-lf
-mp-n-tr-bl-, c-ll-ng (fr-m --ts-d-, --ts-t) c-r-. m-z-, s-nk-ng s-rf-c-
l-c-l-z-d r-t-rn f-rc-. h d--th n- p-ts -t. -l-ctr-sh-ck -mp-s-d tr--m-s
p-rm-n-ntl- ch-ng- c--rs- -cc-r s-m--n- -ls-. p-rh-ps c-p-bl- f-nd-m-nt-l
r-c-p-r-t--n s-lf gr--tl- r-d-c-d d-pr-ss--n. -v-n c-r-s, gl-mm-r -n-th-r
w--, -ls-wh-r-, t-m-. h-w- -v-r, r--ch; -ls-'s w-- -nd, w-th-n b--r-ng
-n-'s st-t-. d-pr-ss-v- d-sk, m-tt-r h-w d-rk -n-t--l c-nd-t--ns, m-nn-r
r-l-t-s sl--p w-ll. (audio only)

Gerald Jones

Gerald Jones, brave photographer, raconteur, lighting and cinematography
expert, underground legend for those who knew him, died April 28th this
year, after a long and harsh, protracted, bout with cancer and the medical
establishment (no one should have to die like that). He was true to his
work which was his life. He spoke on a panel on sex, theory and practice,
I held at Nexus in Atlanta and put everyone to shame. He had 384 pennies
on the floor of his Miami apartment; his sister found them everywhere
after he passed away. He sometimes inherited my equipment. He was generous
beyond belief and after chemo, when he visited NY, brought us a book of
photographs and text on the manatees. He went slough-slogging with us in
the Everglades. He smoked more than anyone I knew and gave it up years ago
and suddenly but possibly too late. He stayed with me on and off for up to
two weeks. He was seen walking the early morning Atlanta streets and I
imagine Miami and New York. He was a supporter during the hell I went
through at Florida International University. He photographed politics and
murder in Haiti. He photographed the clan. He was in a biennale I curated
and put the work up during the opening. He carried cameras. Early on he
spoke with a heavy cough but that went away. There was a wake in Miami.
Gerald was 62 and would have worked for centuries. There's no heaven but
god bless you Gerald, you've already made your way

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