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Brilliant Weather (for Ed Bowes) May Conditions .Tuesday...Partly
.Tuesday...Partly May AM for Conditions Conditions New JFK, York 01:51 AM
23 2007 NY. York JFK, for 01:51 for May Conditions JFK, NY. York at York
Humidity(%) Pressure(in) NY. JFK, Temp(F) 84% 84% Pressure(in) Humidity(%)
56 8 8 84% 56 at Clouds Clouds 8 at Clouds NY Forecast Scattered Scattered
NY Tue PM Forecast Forecast EDT may Tue PM Tue clear...then clear...then
clear...then Tue may becoming Lows becoming .Tonight...Mostly partly Lows
mid cloudy. cloudy. cloudy. South winds mid Lows 50s. 5 5 winds South
around in in 5 around .Wednesday...Partly lower lower .Wednesday...Partly
.Wednesday...Partly lower .Wednesday 10 lower lower .Wednesday upper
night...Partly 5 10 Southwest Southwest sunny. night...Partly upper clear.
clear. clear. sunny. Southwest 60s. .Thursday in night...Mostly in .Friday
.Saturday .Friday...Mostly winds .Friday A of .Saturday .Friday .Sunday..-
.Partly the the A A showers Return Return the showers to X M to to X X
Press M M Return rain Chance menu, X 30 in 30 Chance rain cloudy with
cloudy percent. .Sunday percent of 30 cloudy 30 .Memorial Day...Partly of
percent night...Mostly .Monday cloudy Day...Partly .Memorial sunny .Monday
a .Tuesday...Partly .Tuesday...Partly

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