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I'm finally working out tabla/ture to my satisfaction, a negative dialec-
tics of rhythm conjuring up very lower frequency radio phenomena as a re-
sult of discourse / intention. I needed to develop sufficient skill to
play such. The first piece is 7 1/5 minutes - if you have the time listen
to the whole (it changes). The playing is unmodified. The second piece is
shorter and modified; the tabla/ture is buried in alpine zither notes. The
first is is closer to exaltation. The first is where I'm heading and the
end of the segment of the journey. The second is mistaken journey, guise
of alternative culture.

of tabla.
tabla. (2004)
facsimile tabla-
tabla- happily
editorial tabla-
with tabla-
Tabla of
at Tabla
lies Tabla-
edition ture,
ture, directions
notes ture,
ture. true
ture W.
(mostly ture
note ture
chord ture
part ture
Ture represents
cd Ture

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