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For Byron (text)

Behold, the morning watch was come; the vessel lay
Behold, her course, and gently made her liquid way;
Behold the cloven billow flashed from off her prow
Behold, in furrows formed by that majestic plough;
Behold the waters with their world were all before;
Behold behind, the South Sea's many an islet shore.
Behold the quiet night, now dappling, 'gan to wane,
Behold, dividing darkness from the dawning main;
Behold the dolphins, not unconscious of the day,
Behold, swam high, as eager of the coming ray;
Behold the stars from broader beams began to creep,
Behold, and lift their shining eyelids from the deep;
Behold the sail resumed its lately shadowed white,
Behold, and the wind fluttered with a freshening flight;
Behold the purpling ocean owns the coming sun,
Behold, but ere we break--a deed is to be done.

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