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constellations of theoretical work


disinvestment refusal/deluge
postmodern modern
coupling disassemblage
negations shefferdual
creativity borderregions
slanders hieroglyphic binding leakage
misrecognition emptied bases collapse superstructures excess
clutter debris applies farther ourselves body bodies hieroglyph
intentionality mediated intended
hold carry cultural skein linking loosely tethered
demarcation substance emergent
disinvested participates abject
5 interpenetrate
ontologies fractally coalesce
chains consequences adheres coheres
overcoded undercoded destabilized
selfreflexivity contradiction leave st stuttering stumbling wobbling


demarcation substance emergent
disinvested participates abject
5 interpenetrate
ontologies fractally coalesce
chains consequences adheres coheres
overcoded undercoded destabilized
selfreflexivity contradiction leave st stuttering stumbling wobbling
jostling shuddering sputtering
emission spew replace virtual
enters rel 6 assemblages inscriptive doubles epistemologies
guise freedom
transform vector flow turbulence
erotics puncture delirium liquidity
positivity {x x}
core masochistic assemblage context narratology
unaccountable unaccountedfor
topology stains stained regimes
inbetween paths plasmas


pretensions philosophical scientific strip touches insists fragility
embraces swallowed holocaust detritus
covers repeatedly
denudation artifice deployment ornament suture wound
hypothesis hypothetical proffering inscribes deconstructing walls
surrounding torah
hedges furiously allow final flourish
penetrates inversion dyad positives negatives
ecstatic aesthetic
presses breaks construing breakage irruption virtualities avatars
fleshheart strangulation
explores epistemologically uttermost vicinity
desperate exigencies shocktactics
annihilationcreation degeneration generators
emphasizes indeterminate locating outpost runs wavelengths
universespanning reporting inhales informationannihilation
beingannihilation inflates meager hopes survival centered dissipated


geniferhingedirongenifer genniferrous tiny candle burns egyptians
japanese burning four days
yahrzeit yeartime crack impression death glimmer
starrystarry skies inconceivable am sorry joking honestly
remembered sides grid almostalive imperfection
sum text
axioms axiologies dispersed fissuring age unage
links couplings constitute constituted desire mouths ears identical
include annihilation armature belief imaginary plasma
defuge enumeration coupled abjection foreclosure
abacus channeling gating included
signifer totalization
nearly decomposable hierarchies decompose holarchies limit
link contiguity transforms investment characteristic phenomena
terminology forecloses annihilates
science ideological nonideological
mirror stage coagulation
equivalences identities

analog / digital

commands materials static
articulation constant self revision time moves foregrounded crashes
garbage subtle husserlian timeconsciousness formal linear
parallel non clocked variable meeting still disappearance promulga
occurs levels dna input/output material
blind dna/rna tacit knowledge polyani resolves plays
role screwdriver enough disappears hand interaction screw too
universal subtext capital corre
late functioning aphoristic analog digital 'digital' mean 'discrete'
characterized systematization parameterization
continuous broken
everyday life intervention
unless 'ikonic' leaves something setting standard raster quantity almost
'screening' bandwidth
quantifying those sorts fabric categories
standardized transmitted received coherent channels receiver


performs asymptote
runway saved loomed overhead nighttime snapped picture quickly vw
metaorder synchronic meta/space replete/time
planets darkness uncharted unavailable sentience
wellordered huntington's tremulous reception stars
requiring record
opposite online packetprotocol
shipped jpg tie software intellectual property corporate privacy
registers wires contacted primordial inert wavelength
bundle omnidirections creature ready interpretation
rosset's idiocy muteness fineness ceiling
recording/playback bypassed extrapolation trusting outofpacket differend
unknown bear bearable text/image/audio/whatever exhausts exhausted
semiosis perceiver 'out narcissism looping machine cosmological merged
observe externality internality brass spheres
wimhurst generator crystal detector audion triode filament glow


distributes preexisting distributed collection ones zeros pluses
minuses modification "imminent access" byte smallest accessible
alteration fileinthelarge nonarticulated
"nonarticulated filtering" author subjectively freely choosing
parameters nouns authorial intent "articulated mathematization chosen
entirety algorithm refer sonnet replacing vowels
"articulation" photoshop color "nonarticulation" refers "just
writing" "filtering" emphasize blank sheet empty "sheet assertion" spilled
offline revisions added hacked duplicated downloaded
replaced corrupted copyrights enforced ignored
utilize reading/perceiving etiquette duplication sometime hacking cracking
payment nonpayment
downloading formlessness
incorporating actively passively augmenting corroding depending
"active augmentation corrosion" reader/viewer timehorizon automatic
generation interactive builtin instabilities changing


eternity one's dream continuation tongue snow
stone hardened writing memory short he criterion
control rest compulsive horizon inhabits worn who "history baal eternity"
cloned imploded reduced hard
piling implosion okukin i'll thank shaperiding horses night day
devours spirit riding webs we're i'd mussels
mangroved rock wear rescued selfinscribed sexuality
desire's submitted love appertain purpose suggest lose
wings keep flying im wave blue windsor ontario {{riff g f written &
conceivable tablet slip triggered things melted "i'd roamed free
were together flowers"outline new talk
net articulationsbroken


possibly misrepresentations true gardenfors' complex begun found
concept use planes yet understand
neglected necessary detailed typology taking temporality account
various ways cannot see proceed deep
reading 'theory codes' major section develops sign
quite useful references barthes' s/z although constantly find his
poeticizing beautiful early symbol formation
organismicdevelopmental approach
language werner kaplan wiley 1963
finally clear best sketch discursive field complete
intensifications representing
similar looselystructured wittgensteinian family
usages 'game' strategy wager theoretical much
viewpoints nothing hope future usefulness politics
aesthetics emerge danger 'codework' style uneasy
underpinnings me interesting aspects eventually disappear
absorbed back genre postmodernity state renewal whether 'type'
'concept' remains interpreta


contract binds
defines imminent immanent exchangevalue distanced
replaces presumed contamination presumption false
healing suturing impossible feral erasure
throw away scaffold releases
"wovon man nicht sprechen kann darueber muss schweigen" wittgen
stein perfect beauty
sondheim's home perfectly beautful 0
  jennifer slight flaw factflaw slightest offset
godsdesired isotropic anisotropic symmetry's
remember 1
once principles esablished greeks waseasy fell wasn't later
until syntesis
uncanny appearance realm perfection look lovely unfoldings undraped sky 2
cracks marble scanlines emptiness loss neuraesthetics neuraesthenia 3
you huddle huddling psychopomp swollen enormous
miniscule palimpsest indelible formulas eternal
accountedfor trembling fragile fallingapart people donewithit


croatia bulgaria loud shortwave d'eau veins skateboarding 130
swirl finger matchstick explode 14 monthly review august 1759"
john yeomans' abecedarian philofophic comment englifh
abfurdities prefent cuftom superfluity learnings modeft
propofals reformation adapting fpecial purpofe practicable render
distinft uniform univerfal alfo fhewing indignity habits
lecturers beauties excellency graceful likewife syllableium
table beginners ufe schools kingdom
difcourfe atau tetragrammatical
preceding thofe "words interpret grinding chafeing
ftriking outer ear breat fpirit felf
everlafting dreadunited exprefs
difpofition inked graven
fign deftruction banners avocate fummon itfelf ftolen
ftrayed regulate fenfes wifdom holinefs devil fhadows herewith blefs
therewith curfe fimilitude &c mortal
ftate immortal fhall felfquicken
felfmove felfcomfort pleasant fweetest lovechord
tafting fufeit ambrofia delicious sufceptible inbred divinity!


aesthetics emerge danger 'codework' style uneasy
underpinnings me interesting aspects eventually disappear
absorbed back genre postmodernity state renewal whether 'type'
'concept' remains interpreta
actions 'reading' beings wittgenstein's 'silence' end tractatus
success failure foundation
ii confusion
aptly named us goals paramount exist wends
momentary stasis occasional completion traditional 'death author'
opensource never
ending markov chain determined came before
move cancel input remote disparate objective
command subroutine routine module focus athand encoded object
operation transformable inhered
encoder spoken output lost transmission fled thereby lies distinction
among con/structures con/structions selfdevouring
symptom expressivity disease struggle appears inauthentic


better are most violent should know destroying everything path crawling
towards armageddon
animals plants narrows open wide poisoned
minds worlds shit dig earth with teeth
iron slash flesh eyes stomachs animal fun
how else shall made alone feel survive momentarily longer that fine
faster go beginning perhaps waiting just around corner they're already
lateness hour bad joke
on code codework
consider welldefined entity x its complement then x^x = n
null set second y y^y think nx ny relativized three
separable entities
z take pairs xy yz zx these symmetrical yx zy xz let
ab stand a^b equivalent divide planar region into regions bordering each
other x@y
represent line equidistant y@z z@x
meet single point plain grouped triads triad meets points forth

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